10 things you need to know not to spend extra time in the Crimea, nerves and money


Despite the fact that Russia is one country, but each region in it has its own rules of life, which sometimes differ from what everyone sees at home. Therefore, I will tell about ten moments that you need to know when traveling not only in the Crimea, but also to the south as a whole. This will save you a few gray hair and money signs.


It is quite normal to shoot in such square meters of the desired recreation. But the second is true evil. They gained contacts of real (and sometimes fictional) owners and carry people to such addresses. Turning to the services of such «Ishachkov» you overpay about 30%.

Is it necessary?

How to distinguish the first from the second? Immediately in no way, everything will become clear only when you arrive in the apartment. In general, it is optimal in the Crimea to shoot and book a place to rest in advance. Although, on the wave of greed and closure of borders with Erdoganotan, many hotel rooms simply took and rent a reservation from the «smartest» who wanted to save on early booking. This once again proved that profits and conscience — the concepts of multidirectional.

Machine and cork.

In these villages, the streets are so narrow that sometimes you begin to feel right on your own skin, as you have to worry about worm. And you look at the local, which do not reducing the speed fly a bottleneck at such a speed that Schumacher turns over in his coma from envy. That’s who needs to be sent to the Formula 1 races. Crimean! They will break all like a Tuzik rag.

In Yalta, the traffic jams are such that you can breathe from one intersection to another little less than an hour. The city is just worth. And all this is well seasoned.

Extracted hand from the car window.


No, I have not seen!

Double solid?

This is a fiction!

And if you are traveling along the road, and a rusty bug approach you, on which Dedka, grandmother, Mashka and even their great-grandchildren, and a hairy hand leaned out of the open window … Better stop, the owner of this hand should be in a hurry Anyway, that you are moving on the main one.

But with the turned on the turn signal you will miss everywhere and always: and at the congress and at the entrance.


Now actually about parking. They are free (in theory) and there are paid. Free summer turn into paid ones — they appear unmeed citizens in tribone and orange vestments with a walkie-talkie. At the request to give a check you will be answered … a lot of things will answer. Maybe at the thin end give the same unwashed piece of paper with hard-sighted printing.

On my question:

-Where check?

The question followed:

Are you not all the same?


Do you need more?

Yes, I work in the prosecutor’s office.

After my words, the orange vest evaporated in an unknown direction. And they also say that teleportation does not exist.



For example, my favorite wine «Lacrimacry» is almost 800 rubles in Massandra. Although in the Urals in the subway it can be purchased at a discount for 489. Without a discount in the «metro» it costs 600. So in the Crimea wine you need to just drink and taste around winery. And there is no meaning there is no — it will be much more expensive.


For dating the city, it is better to take an individual excursion. This can be done on the site «Tripter». Believe me, for the price it will come out exactly as much as the bus. For example, our city guide for a big walk took 2300. But we were shown and told so much that we will digest a couple of months. We looked at Yalta with other eyes (if anyone needs contacts, write in the comments — I will give a link to it).

This year, the Vorontsov Palace was seriously disappointed — from there, the best guided tour was quitred and they set audiohyda in all halls. So as such excursions are not — everyone spreads through the halls and nothing is understandable. Live communication The soulless chat will never replace.

Dining rooms.

Recently, many canteens appeared, which they themselves are not prepared, but bring food from the workshops, then it stands for a long time on the market and heated. And sometimes the cooled food just warm the portion on the microwaves.

I am not an enemy to my health, so it is better to eat fresh, let a little more expensive. It was the case when I flew down the street in search of the nearest bushes. But about it TSSSSs …

Prices and shops.

In the resort towns themselves there are many markets, where prices in the season are growing, but not so much, as they buy mostly local. These markets are higher to the mountains and there you can safely buy a rescue circle for 300 rubles, and not for 800, the scooter for 4500, and not for 8200.


By the way, the sea in resort cities is dirty, and it is better to swim at all where the crowds are worthwhile. Local if they swim in the sea, they do it a couple of times per season at best and leave travel away from tourists.