120 years ago, the peasants cast for the temple stage: in what condition they are, and why now they can not


About 10 years ago, a small construction company won a contract for the improvement of the courtyard in one of the cities of the Golden Ring. Affairs is nothing — to demolish some kind of dilapidated building in the yard of an old house, to dissolve the land, fall asleep with sand and install the children’s zone.

A stumbling block was the dilapidated building. The foreman drove two men, which with the help of scrap and such a mother should have been demolished. For it seemed that it was possible to poke my finger and she would fall herself. For dinner, Prorabu called:

Petrovich, and she does not break!

The foreman arrived and saw quite sober men who broke their hands and wondered the lomiki about the construction. I was surprised, I went, bringing Japanese jackhammers to his troubles.

We began to drop, and she does not break!

Only sheaf sparks, and small fragments of bricks fly.

The next day they drove the bulldozer and KAMAZ to take the «remains» of the stubborn halabuda. The bulldozer said «Brrrrrrrrrr», lowered the bucket and … nothing happened. Standing and stubbornly grinding caterpillars on the ground. The construction was stood like this.

I will not tire you, I can only say one thing: demolished this small building was able to be the most difficult industrial «Komatsu» with a pneumatic product. He was brought from Moscow, having spent a bunch of money and time. And when they disassembled huge boulders of bricks, they found a sign:

«This building is built by the Pansk, built by the serf peasants of the Tambov province of the Borisoglebsk parish. It was built badly, for which they were mercilessly bits.»

Over time, this story covered with variations and even managed to become an anecdote.

But I always occupied one question … and that if this journal was built well.

And now I know the answer to him!

The answer lies in the village of Kaga Beloretsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Kaga is an old Ural village, the decoration of which, one of the most beautiful temples in the southern Urals is considered to be considered. It was built by the whole world for several years: they gathered money in the courtyards, with each ruble of the local metallurgical plant, one penny was building the construction of the temple.

A specially invited architects worked on the construction of the building. Also, a small brick plant was built specifically for him, consisting of three furnaces and several premises for drying bricks.

The temple was built eight years, since for the winter any construction work ceased, and unfinished walls were covered with dried and tightly connected straws. The watchman made a walking of the covered straw walls every morning, and the snow escaled with them so as not to give God during warming in the masonry did not get moisture.

The temple was built in 1898. It was not only the dome and high bell tower, but also the steps that were cast at the local metallurgical plant.

They were 123 years old.

Old-timers say that they are made of the old Sable metal (of the one who is covered by the Cathedral of the Paris’s Mother of God) and I tend to believe it, as they sustained and demolished the bell tower, and undermining domes, alteration of the temple to the club, hut-reading room, house Cultures, warehouse and even Khlev. From the temple they tried to remove the forged gates … could not.

There are no single cracks on the steps, not a single chick. Even the stains of rust are not on them. At the same time, the above three modern steps have already turned into trash, and they are not 30 years old. Unfortunately, the secret of manufacturing this metal is lost and cannot repeat it, although attempts are made constantly.

What else to say?

What to add?