Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet 20 years ago he told his wife that I would never give her gifts for March 8.

20 years ago he told his wife that I would never give her gifts for March 8.

By a strange coincidence, the celebration of March 8 in the Southern Urals coincides with … how to softening with the female entity, whose name is variability … That is, the weather.

Rather with her absence!

Why I do not know, but it is on March 8, we constantly have something like that. It will be played by Akman-Tokman (a terrible blizzard), it’s just snowing with snow by the most top. And they run poor men around the city in search of flowers and gifts as snowmen from the «cold heart» … or deer.

Exactly 20 years ago, on our first year of life, on March 7, my spouse was mentioned, which loves Mimoz. Not roses, not tulips, not chamomile, namely mimose. Naturally, her husband, that is, I have a tricky plan to congratulate my wife in the morning of March 8, bouquet of bright yellow colors.

In the evening, putting a call for 6.00, I lean early and fell asleep with a baby. In my plan was just one flaw — I forgot to negotiate with the weather. And she walked so that the whole city fell as for the snow as in the film «The day after tomorrow». It was snowing all night, and in the morning a terrible blizzard was added to the snow.

Waking up in the morning, while everyone slept, I quickly dressed and quietly slipped into the entrance. I was able to open the access door only with a nic attempt. The snowdrift reached the door handle. On the street there was such a blizzard that did not go cars. The wind just knocked down.

But I’m ridiculous, you need to give my wife Yellow Flowers …

Having stood about 25 minutes at the bus stop, I realized that not only a taxi, but the trams also do not go. And where did the poor student have money on a taxi?

I had to go on foot. Do you know how much time I walked these unfortunate 3 kilometers to the nearest fair?

2.5 hours!

And when she came, it turned out that no one trades flowers at the fair. The proud Sons of the Caucasus, who bring to us mimos every year, getting in the morning and looked out the window, they simply waved her hand and just went to bed.

There was not a single merchant with flowers! Everyone scared a snow apocalypse. Everything was risen in the snow, only in the middle of the intersection lonely stood the tram with the rail.

Back when the wind intensified even more, and from the facades of some houses began to tear the advertising structures, I walked almost 4 hours. Somewhere with a layer, somewhere in the corner of the house to the corner, breaking through the drifts …

Home managed to get in the second hour of the day! Frozen, seeded to bones. And, as it turned out later, frosting facial muscles. What is called shifted by fast behind the flower!

For almost two hours, I was heated and disappeared with hot tea with a raster of a touched wife. Although I never bought mimosa. Since then, we have neurushen tradition — we will not give anything to each other on February 23 and on March 8 from gifts.

No gifts, but …

There are two very simple rules in our family:

For a year, I often give my wife and daughters flowers. Not for some dates, but just like that. I wanted, I went — I bought it — I gave! Because they are my favorite women year-round! And the constant signs of attention and love are very important and pleasant to me and me.

On March 8, I give my women pleasant emotions: We always go to some master class, to some master, and make a thing together. It brings it closer to the whole family that … no gift is compared with the expectation and receipt of new sensations.

The whole family is waiting for March 8, like no other day in the year.

Therefore, cute, beloved and expensive women, personally, and our whole workshop «Glass Fairy Tale» Congratulations on the International Women’s Day on March 8 and wish you pleasant emotions, love, beauty, happiness and health year-round and around the clock, not just March 8.

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