20 years lived with one husband, and in self-insulation it turned out to be with a completely different person


All that is now going on, did not significantly affect our family. By and large, we have lived in voluntary self-insulation: we spend all the time in the workshop.

We do not work in the workshop — we live in it.

However, for many, self-insulation and permanent finding in four walls turned out to be a serious test: sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.

Three days ago, his wife called a friend with news:

She lived with one husband for 20 years, and in self-insulation was with a completely different person.

After all, as often happens, they saw each other, met, fell in love, got married and went together to work. Husband and wife are seen only twice a day. In the morning, when they get to work, the child lead to school. And in the evening: they filed, watched TV and went to bed … a rare vacation is not counting.

So happened to Olga. She is a sales manager, works in a successful firm, trade with metal. All day Communication, calls, negotiations, accounts, paper. In the evening, no strength remains.

Husband — Master at the Metallurgical Plant, all day in the running, reports and receipt of daily lulley from the authorities, monitoring employees, for the progress of repair work …

In short, in the evening there is enough strength to sit at the computer, read a little book and everything … It covers the MORFOR.

And suddenly, Olga’s family and Andrei covered self-insulation.

Husband and wife…

Found …

Together …

In a three-room apartment.


Second too.

And the third.

And then Olga discovered that there is another person next to her …

Which not only brought her in the morning cooked by grain coffee in the Turk, but he generally prepares perfectly, and the next morning prepared delicious pancakes …

Which, as it turned out, paints perfectly, even at work cuts a minute to draw amazing paintings in graphic programs …

Who reads not stupid detectives or second-hand fiction, and Arthur Haley, Zamytina, Max Fray, Golden and every time it is divided into a student reading with her daughter …

And, it seems, Olga fell in love with this, completely different, man.

This is a good story and I am sincerely glad that Olga and Andrey happened. But this is a good … Tale … So it does not happen !!!

Most family pairs are simply not ready with everyday competent joint communication in four walls. Today, they called up with friends, asked them:

How are you there? How are things like mood?

It’s good, we drown the second day.

-Well, who wins?

-With varied success! Yesterday Zhenka, today I am. If survive, divorced.

How do you spend time in the «Great Sitting»?

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