5 amenities on the site at the house that many want, and then regret what they did


Remember Manilov, who in the immortal creation of Gogol, was trying to landslide his estate with a bridge through the pond, then a beautiful extension to the house? According to modern standards, a good character is quite a good character, it dreams of landscaping your own real estate.

And, by the way, it is very cool, which only dreams, as many of the owners of private houses, which switched from words to the case, repeatedly repent in the deed. For at first, the dream of the improvement was perfect, but later there were such moments about which the owner is neither a good spirit.

So, the top 5 amenities that they want to have in their plot many of the owners of private houses, and then often regret it:

A large decorative pond.

My relatives dreamed of his own decorative pond for a long time. Dreamed and did. Happiness continued even … Exactly … month. Then it came to understand that the pond is beautiful only when he is new (if plastic) or just dug. But the pond matures very quickly, the water blooms and the hotly beloved reservoir suddenly turns into a fetid puddle.

And this puddle suddenly chose printed frogs. This is in fairy tales, they are beautifully squaby, in real life, when on the street two o’clock in the morning, you in the morning to work, and under the window Chero Pyatnitsky in full, I want to endure the entire pond to the directed nuclear explosion, and the frogs to pass the French.

In order for the choir of not kicked, the pond, the pond did not stink and the happiness from the reservoir continued the competent cleaning organization and the provision of direct current water. The pond needs to be constantly cleaning. And the main thing in this phrase is the word «constantly». Of the five of my friends who organized a pond in their sites, this convenience remained only at anyone else. Everyone was buried and crossed.

Refunduropyrneled yard.

The idea is good. The concreted yard looks good, rovno, neat. But only in warm climate type Yalta, Krasnodar and other southes. For example, in the Urals, the yard under the concrete tie will delight the owner of no more than three years, then the discontinuation and resolution of the upper layer begins. Already on the 5th year it turns out not the courtyard, but the consequences of a nuclear strike on Hiroshima. It does not help even expensive cement with additives and fibrovolok. If there is money, it is better to put a blocking or stone.

Purchased rolled lawn.

And, yes, weeds also sprout through it. The same dandelions, calmly populate it. The roots remaining in the land also calmly break through it through. Every month it needs to roll a special drum with needles to improve oxygen exchange in the soil. And for the winter he can freeze and already the next summer, instead of a beautiful green meadow, you will have under the windows of the Tortyla Turtle window.

The best solution for ordinary people who did not acquire a personal gardener and a pair of millions of rubles to care for an expensive lawn, there will be a simple sampling lawn from clover. Clover greatly grows and covers the ground with a solid carpet. The main thing is to mow.

LED lamps for 30-60-90 rubles.

Meanwhile, this is a typical example of the proverb:

The miser pays twice … three times … not once.

Such lamps are excessive waste of money. They are very loved to nibble dogs. Our Samoyed Laika ignores them, but the neighborhood after the first landing of such lamps sprinkled everything in a couple of days. Inside these lamps, the cheapest LED that braids is simply once or two, and a finger battery. Its power is enough to illuminate the earth only for the anthole column. Book once a year or every two years a few dozen such lamps are ruin for the family budget. Consider yourself.

The best option is to open and put normal garden lighting from suspended lanterns. Looks at times more pleasant.

Inflatable pool.

There is even a joke: how many times does the happy owner of the inflatable pool feel? Two! Why? The first time it buys. The second when it throws it.

This is a joke, but in every joke there is only a joke. Of course, children who ask for a favorite dadget to buy a swimming pool for «splash» difficult to refuse, but …

First, it needs to be cleaned much more often than the pond from the first point. For those who did not hear: much more often!

Secondly, no matter how it did not clean it, it’s still without chemistry or «primary» disinfectants can not do. And these are decent waste of money. Chemistry for pools is expensive, as the manufacturers of this chemistry know exactly that the pools are buying oligarchs. And for it you need to pay.

The more chemistry, the-way pool is cleaner. Only immediately the question appears: what lies the pleasure to splash in the puddle of the chlorks?

And then the second question: where to give this multi-time chlorinated water?

And to a heap of the third question: how much how much do we have to pay for the water?

After the answer to all three questions, the mini-oligarch understands that, probably, to go to the river the whole family will be paid cheaper, more fun and well combined with a kebab on the edge of the forest. So from all my acquaintances of inflatable pools left even anyone.

Of course, there are still many similar «pseudo-bonds», which first seem to be a pink dream, but then, when we used such a couple of times, you remove away and remember in a terrible dream. Are there examples? Write in the comments. We will be grateful.