5 artistic motives that are actively sold abroad: the material is not important — any needlewoman can


A few years ago, our art glass workshop seriously thought about entering the overseas market. The plans were a bulk and a small trolley. We made a bunch of works, scared the beautiful packaging, opened the stores on several trading platforms and prepared to cut the root with tons.

Sales was exactly zero.

Paid advertising, the people threw … watch.

Sales was a little more than zero.

We sat in shock. The main thing is, we have sold these works with dozens, if not hundreds, while they are not needed to the import consumer, they are not needed … not needed and point.

I will not talk long and tediously about how we came to understand what you need to produce. We were just lucky — a good man suggested where and what to watch. But, the fact remains: the preferences of foreigners in the field of handmade are very unlike our.

So, the top 5 motifs that beat all records on sales in the foreign segment of the Internet. Material and sphere of needlework are not important, it is the motifs, subjects — the embodiment in the material can be any: wood, ceramics, knitting, glass, embroidery — at least.


Everyone sees what he wants to see.

In my childhood, and now, the rainbow is a symbol of summer, rain, coolness, outdoor. And childhood himself! Who did not want to ride a rainbow on horseback? Abroad Rainbow is a symbol of mutual assistance between people. For example, in England and the United States, many paint the rainbow on the windows as a sign of medical support. On Essi and Amazon Raduga — one of the three most popular sales motives.


Youth Angels buys in love and affection, for Valentine’s Day, the older generation is actively buying for Christmas. At this time, almost 60% of the angels are sold.



Kitchen topics.

In Italy, pasta, coffee, olives are popular. What would it be 😂? In France, Spice, Hai Kuzin (high kitchen), cooks in the caps, wishes of a good appetite.

In the US, the theme of grills, hamburgers, potatoes frills are common. In England — tea and for some reason oranges, lemons, Bergamot.

More from popular topics can be noted: love, valentine, eco and conservation of nature. Moreover, I especially want to note, it is not necessary to «bother» strongly with quality — the product that deliberately gross and unscrew the product looks, the stronger it is different from the «shop», the more chances of selling.

We also have in