5 features of the bath barrels, which you need to know before buying, so as not to regret after


It is said that the first inventor of the bath baroch was the well-known Greek named Diogen, he lived in a barrel, and washed by philosophical ideas. Then his invention is a sensitive forgotten, but with the development of frame house-building, the brainchild of the famous philosopher was carried out on a wave of popularity.

The truth is fixed in it not by philosophical ideas, but brooms and stove, but to solve the fundamental problems of being in the bath, and even under the degree, we love in Russia very much. And even foreigners! They bake on the shelf and with tears in front of thinking:

I’m crashing now or especially for a bear washed?

Okay, joking, kidding.

The bath for a Russian person is holy from the saints, however, to have a full-fledged log house for many, it became not even so that there is a challenge, but … uncomfortable. The owner is deprived of construction hemorrhoids, heaps of unfamiliar people on the beloved plot, and in time it turns out beauty: I gave a prepayment, and after a couple of weeks, the crane put the barrel to the right place.

In general, some advantages, about the minuses of the newly connected Diogen with two brooms learns, as a rule, after a couple of months. If lucky — then in a year or two.

But learns in any case!

Let’s start with the most important price.

Banya-barrel is very demanding of the quality of the assembly.

In everything is to blame the constructive. A lack of barrels — twisting the design itself with a screw. Someone does not see him at all, someone has a screw immediately, so to speak, from the factory.


And that!

By the way, get ready constantly … no wrong


To regulate hoops, otherwise the barrel turns into a hive with a bunch of slots, and in winter it is trite clinically.

Lack of space.

A good exit — to take a barrel with a pre-banker, there is enough space for 4-5. True for money it comes out very not fiscal. For such bath barrels for some reason are considered elite.


Choosing a barrel bath, I looked after a dozen models, with a gift and without. In all the barrels of the furnace — Frank Frameworking GGYYYY …

For surcharge, manufacturers offer to establish more or less normal models, but they are also not long-lived. It is better to buy a stove yourself, having agreed with the seller that they will put only a sandwich tube and already «reproach» the heating device to taste. Believe me, just 5 years longer than at least!

If you think it’s all, then deeply mistaken! Now there are three major minuses.

The heat leaves faster, so you need to stir stronger, the overseas of firewood.

The Russian folk fairy tale called «Throw Three Polenitsa and the bath has already warmed up» appeared with filing manufacturers of such baths. The hosts tend to have a little different opinion.

Uneven heat distribution.

This is a constructive and from him anyway: the pair focuses on the top, and the legs are not comfortable because your legs are protected by a 4 cm thick.

Less durable.

«And so? And so she’s a dream …»

In general, it is necessary to understand that the Banya-Barrel is the brainchild of modern technologies when they are trying to shove in disbuce in one design: fast assembly and installation, a lot of space, quality and low price. Always one element will not be enough. But if you are ready to put up with some described above features, then why and yes …