5 types of needlework with low cost and largest sales


They say that counting other people’s money is not good, but if you really want, you can. We often ask questions:

How much do you go to a month?

How much did the fair earned?

Well, how did they stretch?

We never did the secret from our earnings, we pay taxes, we sleep calmly, but little 😂. And when people recognize the number of zeros in our revenue (revenue, and not profit!) Many have eyes rounded and then hears:

-Nuhuu yes, you traded glass!

-Nuhuu clearly, you have out what goods …

Meanwhile, our net profit is not so big. All wines are a huge cost of materials, high time spent, additional materials for production.

And, it turned out, this is an occasion to think: what is the most profitable needlework (craft) in terms of cost / revenue ratio?

After all, in fact, standing near the trader traders from plywood or icons, a ceramist, the joiner can get a net profit at times more than we, although the revenue will be less.

So, the top 5 kinds of needlework (crafts), which have the least costs of

Small wood products.

He tritely takes trimming with a nearby joinery workshop. Another friend makes the dishes with the author’s painting from the oak board. The price of the top quality cubometer is up to 64 thousand rubles. The cost of one plate is about 1200-2500 rubles. He gets about 240 plates from the cube.

We believe, amazed.

Of course, there are quite decent costs of time, butter, impregnation, paint, but concluding contracts with several restaurants and online stores, it is provided with orders already until December!

Laser cut of plywood.

Although in a clean form, you won’t call it, but if the author additionally makes something with the workpiece, for example, fills with epoxy, paint, then manual work is still available. At the cost of a sheet of plywood in 700 rubles, a clean product in the form of broxies or segments from it can be obtained about … Inhale … exhale … 80 thousand.

Who after this will rise the language say that laser cutting — trash? Maybe so, but this is a very profitable trash.

Ivan-tea and herbal teas of handmade.

All summer, the family works without a breather, hires several workers, just purchases raw materials, dried, faces. The hostess (sometimes hired seller) sits in a stall and sells. The cost of 1 Ivan tea package is about 17 rubles, sold for 200.

The same applies to copyright chains, herbal drinks. In the village of Kaga, for example, there is a very good herbal, which makes her teas through a hurdle, takes a few points that work for tourists — all summer she works without raising the heads.

And also say that there is no work in the village!

Yes, she is full here!

Pottery and ceramics.

He tortured you with his acquaintances, but still … my good friend is engaged in pottery craft. She has his own pit in Bashkiria, where two or three times a year, she digs of amazing purity of clay. The whole cost of it is in gasoline, plus electricity for the firing.

Many masters tried to find out the coordinates of the cherished place, but she is silent as a fish about the ice. And I understand her perfectly.

And now the last look, the most-most profitable:

Video lessons with master classes.

I will say to myself: three years ago we removed two master class for one foreign resource. We only filmed, voice acting and installation did themselves — it would be strangely bourgeois to sell knowledge in Russian. For three years, there were more than 11,000 sales at a $ 25 master class price.

My classmate for a photo school shot 4 videocursors, each of which is devoted to some single photo program or types of photo shooting. It was 6 years ago. Each course was purchased more than 3000 times, at a price of 990 to 7999 rubles.

A familiar writes small benefits to how to care for garden plants («grow roses», «Clematis in your garden», etc. etc. With a century-old price of 90 rubles, each allowance was bought once at 70,000.

Yes Yes Yes! Exactly. Seventy thousand times!

Consider and ask yourself a question, plays some kind of cost cost with such sales or not? So share experience for a small money — now this is the most profitable kind of needlework.