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5 underwater stones selling needlework abroad: do not repeat our mistakes

Many masters simply dream about to get out with their goods on the overseas market. They say there and needlework value higher than in Russia, and people’s earnings are incommensurable, and the course of the imported currency does not strongly depend on the cost of oil and other troubles characteristic of Russia.

There is a good proverb:

And in the sphere of needlework, it works 100%. Once for our workshop, the foreign market of handmade goods seemed manna heavenly.

This year, the opinion has changed and there are several reasons for this:

Dishonest competition.


Competition in foreign sites almost does not smell. As soon as you start to ride, we went to sell and noticed you, many foreign masters write on you a complaint: Rough with the buyer, deceives, too cheap, fraudster, etc. etc. What follows this you understand: ban is clear or shadow.

Sometimes a master competitor pretends the buyer, chooses the goods, pays for it, then writes a complaint — deception. The goods are not the same, did not suit on a contrived reason. Outcome: Again Ban. Disassembly with a platform and recovery of the account can last up to 3 months.

unequal position on sites and marketers.

This applies not only to the trading platforms themselves, but also of payment systems. Who works with Pail, he knows what kind of pain is head, tooth and in all other parts of the body. It even comes to the fact that the masters are suspected of ties with al-kaheda, financing of world terrorism and even personal acquaintance or related links with Usama Benland. About Russian mafia generally silently — for the bourgeois, it goes without saying.

«Zakidones» of our customs.

Not so filled the Declaration — Return, not there put a signature — return, did not paint in detail the parcel — Return. And return is a time loss, a violation of the delivery time, a complaint against the platform, blocking an account and a long proceedings.

Large losses in case of damage to the parcel.

Once a buyer from the United States sent us a video about how he was delivered to our parcel with a glass plate. The courier was lazy to go from the road to the house and he just threw a box on the veranda through the lawn at 20 meters. Michael Jordan and Shakil O’Neill just puppies compared to this courier!


Consumer terrorism.

There the consumer can safely get a thing to use it and say — return the money, she silent. Can break or refer and write a refund requirement: I did not know that the glass beats. Our familiar returned the winter designer hat with a claim — she is too warm for Florida.

So recently, not only we, but many of our familiar masters have greatly reduced their participation in foreign sites — high prices and increased demand often exit sideways.

And how does your communication with foreign platforms and consumers proceed?

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