5 Wizards qualities that deprive him of good earnings


After the New Year holidays, three of my acquaintances stopped working with needlework. They survived the sites on the houses, all sorts of sores, lack of orders, lack of orders, customers, crises 14-18-20 years … And then they just took and closed.

On a simple question:


There was no less simple answer:

Heb, tired of like squirrel in the wheel!

The answer is 100% the answer. If you want to do needlework and make money on it, forget about calm, forget about peaceful sitting in a delicious tea workshop and buns.

Today we will talk about the five most common wizards qualities, which are guaranteed to be closed:

Modesty: I do not want to repeat anyone for anyone for anyone to look at, why should I shout everyone that I am the best, I have my own way.

Do you think now something different from then? Now everything is the same. Modesty She, of course, takes the city, but the courage takes them even better. Therefore, competent PIR, self-level, advertising in all social networks is our everything.

It is necessary to tell everyone and everywhere, how smart, beautiful, fluffy, do a lot of good things, and they are unique, status, still fluffy you, and everyone who buys such a product will also be fluffy 😎.

KOSIT: Our ancestors were already able to all then why I need all these new-fashioned phintiflyushki.

I will give an example: a few years ago we tried to get out with our products on the overseas market of Hendmade.

How? We are cool!

We do such things cool!

Guess what happened?

Nothing succeeded!

And it did not work as much as we would be fighting. Well, not all! As soon as we sat down at the computer and spent the whole week for the analysis of competitors, the identification of bestsellers, top trends, began to delve into the motives of behavior, running color, plots — only then went the first sales.

The reluctance to do everything immediately: I can’t break everything at once, I will work only in one social network.

It is impossible to blindly believe only in one resource, in one social network. The audience of all social networks that is in Russia intersect only 20-30%, so you need to be there, and there, and there.

Once we fully went into classmates. I will not say that it was a mistake — orders from there are always a lot, but you need to lead all networks. This year, surprisingly, we began to give good sales instagram. In VKontakte deaf, but we are not hard there, although they made a new group design.

But they started working on the site. While put a plug and we will do a good site with a normal agency: with catalog, video lessons, blog, master classes, etc. We want to make a full-fledged glass portal. I hope it will turn out.

The master in the modern world should be a multi-line: spin on all social networks, take a photo, write texts, shoot a video. True, everything resumes in a catastrophic lack of time. But you need to make orders, work for the soul, for yourself, and … learn. Rain your skill.

What a pity that the time in the days is not 48 hours!

I want to sit in the workshop and work, and people will come to me with orders.

And this is an uncomfortable dream!

Unfortunately, the world today is such that even the glorified «bison» needlework is forced to go out of the workshop and engage in promoting themselves and their products. If you sit on the pope exactly, no one will come anywhere.

And one more thing — the workshop should be as close as possible to people. We live on the village, which is located in … 3 kilometers from the city. Do not believe, for many citizens who have a car, this is a serious problem:

-We you live so far !!!! We somehow come to you.

Although it was so that the young couple came to us on a master class on foot in a blizzard, as the minibuses did not go due to driving.

Self-reading: I do not need advertising — my work is the best advertisement.

By the way, if earlier the mechanisms of social networks felt that a person was engaged in needlework, creating beautiful works and it makes content in the network attractive, now the situation has changed a little.

As soon as the Master begins to sell his work through the social network, the algorithm begins to choke his account slightly so that the master began to include advertising and pay. There is such a concept: a shadow ban. And he hangs over many channels. Remove the account from the shadow bath is very difficult.


Everything seems!

What do you say, colleagues?