7 times on the road to south stopped DPS: an employee of the insurance suggested how to protect himself from extortion



You know, to be honest, I strongly regretted that I bought a large car after Lada. Of course, Mitsubishi Outlander is not a piston and not even any messenger kruzak, and pay me for this pleasure for another 5.5 years of what a loan, but …


Lada Vesta is a simple, inexpensive utilitarian machine that does not attract attention completely. The first years she was new, people approached, asked, shared impressions. Now they are like dirt, you go, only you can see: Vesta, Vesta, Vesta ….

Rerep into a large car, I understood one at least a big difference: to a large car, let it be a medium-sized crossover, pay more attention. And not only motorists who expect from the «big white brother» of the Hamsky behavior or, at worst, aggressive ride.

It does note, the closest attention to the large cars add people in blue shape and yellow vests armed with striped chopsticks. I will say right, before buying an outtage, for all 12 years of the driver’s experience, DPS staff stopped me just for no reason three times. From December of the month they stopped me just like this, check just in case five times.

And the view of the staff was very eloquent:

What are you going to go on a large car, do not break, straight straight in quiet, and in the morning I have not had breakfast. You do not have conscience!

So, going for the last money with your family on our Russian south, I was morally ready for the fact that the «big white wallet» will stop just like that.

So to speak to see.

Like a lawyer in civil cases, in communicating with the staff of the DPS, armed with the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, I do not have much experience. So I had to follow the advice of a familiar lawyer from the insurance, well, and something to come up with itself:

The DVR is required.

«I have a region, I know that I did not violate anything.

I bought the cheapest for 2900 and he had already helped me in my hometown, and a lot of «good» fell on the highway. I expected that it would be full junction, but the seller did not lie — Xiaomi writes quite worn.

Put into the car on the Torpedo Ackn Camera, which removes the interior.

-And what is it?

This is the camera, she removes the salon.

-What for?

-For insurance, the car is insured by Casco and I am a discount, if I do not break.

Forbid to remove the DPS officer in this case can not. Questions disappeared, the rights gave, wished a good rest. But which face was …. Well, you understood.

And as Cherry on the cake — invested in the purse next to the Rights of the business card, that I am a lawyer.

Do you know what these tips gave me, although I stopped 7 times?

And this is despite the fact that I always go strictly according to the rules: in the city no more than 200 km / h, on the highway no more than 300, I release the flap, that is, everything within traffic rules. Therefore, to find fault by law to me difficult.

Each time, looking into a rotational window of the machine, the DPS officer saw my contented and smiling Moskki, a video recorder, a camera for video confixation of the cabin and the very process of communicating with him. And after she opened the rights in which a business card was invested that I was a lawyer … The phrase sounded:

Aaaaa, well, yes … well, yes … South we are going … happy road.

So we drove Ufa, Tatarstan, Saratov, Samara, Orenburg, and even on the well-known Batay ring and other gold places of the Rostov region, the «ambulatory» villages of the Krasnodar Territory, there were no questions to us.

But it arose for many «alternatively», which stuck the signs with scotch tape, tape, paper sheets, or simply removed them. One comrade changed the letter on the room, closing it sliced part from another car number.

Now such tricks do not roll, because before PPS posts there is a fixation chamber and if she sees that the number is not «beating», then 100% will stop. That is how immediately after us was slowed white Skoda: on the radio, the employee was reported that the Skoda was carried with replaced numbers.

With a trip, 10 days have passed, not a single fine from the video phixation cameras! So everyone good luck on the roads, nor a nail or a rod.