A ball lightning flew into the house under construction: I show the consequences of such a «bed»


The hand of a brigadier holding a mug of killing tea, trembled: In another unclosed window opening, where tomorrow they had to insert a beautiful and pretty expensive plastic window, a large white ball was floated.

Smelled ozone …

From the ball in all directions, small tentacles stretched out, which time from time to time was cracked and snipped. Large room lit with a bright cold flame, and for some reason he was very cold. Yes, so that the fingers of all members of the brigade, like the brigadier compressing hot mugs with tea, bombarded from ice cold.

Sasha, still young boy silently screamed and began to gather in a lump, getting ready to be cigated to the opposite window. And here in a stressful silence, which could be smeared on a piece of bread, to the members of the Brigade, a quiet and calm voice of the Brigadier:

-Do duskuy kdatsan, sit.

But the khana …

-Hana is not a khan, do not do sharp movements, smoothly, as if swimming, snealing, raise the back up and go to the door.


Brigadier ordered:

-Mikhalych, you are extreme «swim» to the door.

At this time, Lightning began a unhurried journey from one wall to another. As the obstacle approaches, the tentacle from the ball began to retrieve more and stronger. Crack intensified …

Advische, Kolyan, Vanya. Calm and quiet.

-What quietly and calmly, I already put the bricks in my pants, I would do.

Well, the ksyz, and then you will be now a well-rooted joker. True dumplings.

When the horn spin of Ivan, welded in the brigade, disappeared in the doorway lightning changed his move and, as if felt people in unfinished, still without partitions, headed for them.

The nerves of the remaining alone brigadiers and plaster passed, and they are not negotiated, almost at the same time, rushed to the exit. Topot steps, noise of an outdated bucket, two bodies in building clothes have emerged from home and rushed to the ground …

And then rumbled.

It crashed so that all the lying builders seemed like the Earth herself shuddered under a massive box of a house of aerated concrete and brick strapping.

Hanging, the brigade went inside. Lightning hit right in that wall, next to which they sat and the improvised kitchen was constructed. At first, anything terrible builders did not find, but when they left the house and went around the box around, their eyes in all their glory appeared the consequences of the blow of a ball lightning into the wall.

The discharge of lightning went into a gas-concrete wall along the rows of armature masonry, reached the ventzor, evaporates all metal dressings from spiral nails in zero and tearned the brick strapping from the carrier wall.

Where zipper hit the wall, the black spot of the soot can be seen. In this place, you can safely shove your finger in this place — it turned into dusty dust. The window is badly damaged, the brick cutting of one of the corners of the house, ruptured half the second wall, the angle vertically cracked in two places.

Such a gift presented Mother Nature a couple of weeks ago to builders in one of the villages of the South Urals. By the way, recently, «meetings» of people with these phenomena of nature began to occur more and more often. They say connected with climate change.