A lonely woman lived on the edge of the village.


Six years ago, on the outskirts of a small Ural village, a woman bought an old, but a pretty strong house. It was about fifty years old on her, maybe with a small tail. With the help of the children for the spring, she managed to bring his acquisition in a divine look, after which the children left, and she stayed.

Locals were surprised: there is no strange dacha, greenhouses, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and potatoes does not come, livestock does not breed, there are some flowers on all the coupling. The only thing, the hives put, but only three pieces. Do you finish a lot of honey? What will live, clearly not retired. And some kind of strange one, walks around the fields, in the forest, collects grass with oakhaps and drags into the house. In the rustic store, they tried to talk to her, but she was all shut off, awkwardly waved his hand.

But the greatest surprise of local caused another. Over time, they began to notice that unfamiliar cars drive up to the house «Dachnitsa». People came to the house, and went out with small jars in their hands, smiled, laughed, thanked happily.

Who settled on the outskirts of their village, the local learned by chance. Once near the store stopped a huge, sparkling chrome and well-tested mother-in-law, jeep all the famous model «Sarai on wheels».

From four-wheeled shed barely barely, almost in a millimeter, slipped with an expensive skin of the seating of decent completeness of a man. Flap from pain, he approached women standing on the porch:


Good day, if you do not joke!

-Do you tell me, and Marina Konstantinovna in which house lives?

Mill which?

-No. Which treats people.

Here the local realized that we are talking about «Dacnice»:

Won on the street is an extreme house.


-What she treats? Competently even?

-How get sick, go. You will not regret. Learn what treasure you settled!

After forty minutes, the jeep fell out of the village. Behind his wheel was sitting all the same continuous man, only in the car he jumped at such a speed that another young man could envy.

So rustic learned that they live from them one of the best herbers of the Urals. No, you will not think, not a sign, not the evidence of the Emanities of the highest energies, opening the chakras and caressing karma, and the most that neither there is a suspicious herbal.

After a year, local ceased to be surprised that the street that was led to the house of Marishi (so it was nicknamed) it looks like a street, but in front of the shopping center. Sometimes there was 5 cars before the extreme house.

Now everything has become clear that she planted in the courtyard in the courtyard «Dacnitsa», why did it go through the forests and glades, why she needs only three hiles …

There are two types of herbalists.

The first vegetable raw materials are only collecting and dried. Then make «fees» for decoctions. When a person appeals for help — they pour him the necessary collection of herbs. Ill belly:

Here, take, gain and drink an empty stomach.

Climbed out of head hair:

Washaw and rub into the scalp, Avos Kirkorov is shaking.

But there are other herbalists.

They are much less than the first — these are people who are made from herbs already ready-made infancy and funds. Marisha was from such. Based on the collected herbs and pressed oils, she made ragners, extracts and mixed them with honey, wax, propolis.

Each she gave three small jars with their wonderful creams. They cost decently, their creator knew the price and earned it very well.

But, but … The blindness, of course, did not see and the dead did not restrain, but she had such creams that could heal a deep wound in a few days, literally in an hour or another to break the sick lower back.

Last year, it did not even become for the locals came to surprise the last time. On the funeral, the same jeep-shed came. It got out of it all the same thick peasant:


Both, good afternoon. Are you to Marisha on the funeral?


Well, as it is a pity, because the young else, I haven’t lived to retirement.

She was my neighbor around the house. Together in the apartment lived. So, when she moved to you to you, she was then deep for seventy.

We were in her before last year, and we had three last jars …