Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet «A man, buy a screwdriver in me for half. I am a seller from the store, you have a showcase.»

«A man, buy a screwdriver in me for half. I am a seller from the store, you have a showcase.»

For what I love the end of January — the beginning of February is that at this short period of time there is absolutely elusive thing in Russia!


No, no blizzard …

No, not wild cold in -35 or even -50 …

This is generally not connected with the weather!

Oh, I will not torment you, these are discounts.

Rather, no discount, but real prices. The most real!

Remember, go in December shopping, everywhere bright inscriptions: 30% discount, 50% discount, discount 70% and in the angle generally eliminate some kind of collection and promise almost free to give everything for free.

But if you look at and remember monthly presses, a discount of 70% suddenly turns into the same markup. It is understandable — on the eve of the new year, all total amnesia, everyone is in search of gifts and former price tags remember rarely.

For all merchants comes the season of New Year’s neck!

It continues to about January 15. And smoothly flows into price baldness. There are practically no discounts, a rapid crowd of people, the trading halls frankly empty.

And here they appear on the shelves — real prices!

As the demand falls at times, the shops do not remain anything else, how to put a normal price and just wait for February 23, when you can write again: «We have 70% discount» and slightly to correct the price tags.

This is not a hoax — this is marketing!

In general, knowledgeable people are waiting for the January clutch, they gave money and go to the store for the necessary things. Among them and me. And in the list of the desired things under paragraph 1, I have a powerful construction screwdriver.

As soon as I entered a half-eyed room, the seller jumped to me immediately:

-Can I help you?

-No, thanks, I just look at!

Looked! That screwdriver, which before the new year cost with a discount 24.600, miraculously fell to 20.490.

Of course, nice, but still expensive.

So I stood 10-15 minutes at the Showcase, twisted the handsome and went to the exit past a handful of sad and something whispering sellers consultants.

Already going to the car, as I hear the fastest steps from behind.


Wrapped, and behind the back a young guy seller from the instrument department. Well, I think, now I will beat me to beat me for not bought 😎.

-Good day.

-Hello! You in our department 5 minutes ago, the screwdriver watched!


-And you looked after or just a specific model?

This is exactly this, only expensive yet.

Buy this screwdriver for half?

Estessno, only because of what such an attraction of unprecedented generosity?

Yes, in what, we sit all day! Not a single normal sale. For three hours, two discs for the Bulgarian sold! And the plan is required, there will be no prize.

And added:

You do not think, there is no crime here, everything is legitimate, with a check and a guarantee.

So at the expense of a discount?

We will make your discount to you, as if internal sale for their own, and more bonus cards pay 30%. I will carry out now. Can you cash in cash?

After 10 minutes, the guy appeared on a parking with a cherished suitcase.

Instead of the usual price of 20.490 rubles, Schurik fell to 18.300, plus part of the price was repaired by bonus cards. Before the new year, they were handed over to all buyers for the purchase more than 10,000 (though one time they were simply not available or some buyers did not care about them).

But after the New Year holidays, such cards you can pay up to 30% of the price of goods. Total, the screwdriver with a check and the guarantee cost not 20 thousand and not even at 18, but at 13.500 rubles.

If the store can afford to sell with such a discount, how much does this screwdriver really cost?

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