As a long trip to provide the whole family of hot tea: Help the experience of the Arctic


Guess what the biggest problem of those travelers, who go to the long trip family?

No, no cost of gasoline.

And not even that the whole body is following, and you go out in the evening from the car, like a direct relative of Pinocchio.

No, no, no, the biggest problem is at least for our family, how to ensure all the hot tea or coffee sitting in the car. Of course, you can stop every few hours in the roadside cafes, but I do not want. First, it is a loss of precious time, and, secondly, we do not recognize tea from bags. Therefore, delicious tea on the grass our whole.

Before the revolution, this problem was very effectively learned to solve the Cossacks. They took a large two-handed samovar with them, in the morning before a long-lasting transition, he was detached, then put in the cart, she was covered with chinelles and such a macar was driving all day. Anyone who on the road defeated the ancient Sushnyak, could calmly drive up to the tea cart and straight from the horse to make a cup of hot.

The experience, of course, is good, but in the trunk of the car Samovar is so-so idea … although on the face of traffic cops who saw a smoking pipe in a panoramic roof, I would look.

So, for a modern person, the only normal option is a thermos. The problem is that even the Chinese do not even make voluminous thermos. The maximum that came across the eyes from quality things — 0.9 liters or 1 liter.

Alas, it is frankly little! One liter is enough only for one cup to everyone. And if you ask you:


The answer will be:

-Zvini, tea ran out!

So a good roomy thermos for the whole family I was looking for a long time, even for too long. Well, what, meet, a thermos who has already managed to help my family on a long trip: it

And his advantages is mass:

The volume of this handsome is 1.6 liters,



He drank himself, drinking a friend!

Simple, convenient, effectively.

The Nobel Prize is clearly given.

Cork from food plastic with silicone.


Saves heat all the light day.

«Arctic» — domestic brand.


There are shortcomings? I will say honestly: there is. There are two of them:

He is too cheap.

And as soon as you understand, it becomes nice for your own — well, because they can!

No cover.

Such a large thermos to keep the handles would be more convenient. Little pleasant in srace hot and sweet tea in a moving car. I’m five years ago, on the way to Anapa, it was poured right behind the wheel of a hot sweet tea — I realized that she was attached to himself.

Well, what to say in the end?

I strongly reduced!