As a simple peasant from the village did what the Japanese Institute and the Russian Academy could not: the unique trees raised


My hometown of Magnitogorsk is famous not only to the largest metallurgical production, but also proximity to many monuments of nature, places of recreation and tourist attractions. One such iconic places is a small Bashkir village called Kuzhanovo.

In general, no remarkable village except for the fact that she has a monument of nature under her side — Kuzhanovsky larch. These trees are unique in that they are more like a birch or a lip, but not larch — they are curly.

There are 20 such trees in the world. Of these, 11 is growing in Russia in Kuzhanovo, and 9 in Japan.

But it is written about it that is written many times not only on the Internet, but also on Zen. Therefore, there is no point for a long time to tell about the larch itself. I’ll tell you about a friend.

In 1992, a joint Russian-Japanese expedition was visited on the territory of the Nature Monument, the purpose of which was the study of larchs and selection of seeds for their breeding.

Our scientists and the Japanese selected seeds and drove in their institutions. A year later, they began to share the results, it turned out that neither the Japanese, nor our seeds of curly larchs even climbed. It is said that the head of the Japanese expedition from grief almost made himself a sippuk (joke).

In 1995, a repeated expedition was held, our again took seeds. Part of the left, part sent to the country of the Rising Sun — to console the sorry Japanese. And again, almost all seeds turned out to be unoppoded.

Only one thing rose in Japan.

But what was the disappointment of the Japanese delighted, when the grown seedling lost his «curly.» He began to grow as a completely ordinary larch. Both expeditions failed, on the possibility of breeding and reproduction of the «livestock» of curly trees officially set the cross.

Scientists signed in their own impotence, declaring that these trees with a change in the crown have lost the ability to reproduce.

Well, now the most interesting.

10 kilometers from the magnette there is another small Bashkir village, on the outskirts of which lives a stunning man — Zufar. This elder person has already organized a private nursery in his site.

And thanks to his perseverance and perseverance, he was able to do what the Japanese Institute and our semi-goal agricade were disruled!

He collected the seeds of Kuzhanovsky larch for several years, he chose intact, checked them for the germination. For the first year, no seed from more than a hundred sprouted. For the second year, he collected three times more — 300 and planted them all at once.

Sproved 4 of 300!

The following year, Zufar was able to germinate a few more seeds. A year later, a few more. Now it is growing at its site a little more than a dozen saplings of curly larchs. They have been for several years, but none of the seedls grown by Zufar did not lose their uniqueness — they are really curly!

Interestingly, on this occasion, scientists will say, especially Japanese? Indeed, in the country of the Rising Sun, these trees are considered a national treasure, a unique and living embodiment of the spirit of nature.