Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet As a simple Russian man Rutting the nose of arrogant British: the amazing «impossible» glasses of Ovchinnikov

As a simple Russian man Rutting the nose of arrogant British: the amazing «impossible» glasses of Ovchinnikov

In the 19th century, the most developed world states had one very interesting entertainment: to conduct international (they were then called worldwide) exhibitions and measured their achievements there. Every few years in the same enlightened European capital, then all the well-known industrialists, artists, sciences, and loudly declared their successes were collected. They say we are the coolest … cooler than boiled eggs.

Naturally, Russia took part in these exhibitions, where it was successful and, quite traditionally, grooved: then you have a king there is not a democratic, then serfdom, then science has fallen behind the world level, then some unknown types

Most of all went to us in 1862 at the World Exhibition in London. In 1861, they canceled the serfdom and Alexander II threw the cry: we are now a free country, let’s show the famous European Cuzkin mother. Artists painted paintings, made a lot of engravings, the industrialists have hung. Our gathered and went to Europe to amaze. The British were not impressed, and even through the teeth they said:


Although our industrialists praised for waterproof galoshes and a carpet from sealing skins.

So in 1862 in London, we specifically disappeared.

The emperor Alexander II was saddened and decided to show the same mother’s tighter, but already in Russia. In 1865, in Moscow organized an international exhibition, which was conveted absolutely all, including the British, who came to visit us with the view:

Well, what can you surprise us?

The British showed pictures:

Fiyi …


Fiyi …


Fiyi …

Everything changed when the delegations approached the table of the former serf peasant Peter Akimovich Ovchinnikov. Young man 35 years old, a former serf peasant proudly presented his work. The British disappeared the jaw:

It’s impossible! This is not done in Russia.

What struck the British products of the former serf peasant?

The glasses were stained glass!

Ovchinnikov in Russia knew the enamel well, but mostly she was a partitioned. That is, thin partitions made of metal on the metal sheet, they soldered them to the base, after which the resulting baths filled enamel.

Ovchinnikov removed the foundation at all, and the partitions did not make partitions from metal strips, but from a very thin transit of silver wire, which is applied to the gilt. The resulting windows filled enamel. Such a glass had a thickness of the walls less than a millimeter and keep it, with a very stupid size, it was possible two ladies.

They were almost nothing weighed and were translucent! When wine poured in them, the glasses played with all the colors of the rainbow.

In general, the British, even despite the excursion to the factory, where they showed all the technology, until the end and they did not believe that such beauty was able to do at all out of sight.

For a notable click on the nose of the Anglo-Saxam, Peter Akimovich Ovchinnikov, the former serf peasant from the village of Otradnaya Moscow province was awarded three honorary medals from Austria, Belgium and France. And Alexander II made it a supplier of dishes and decorations for the imperial yard. The very «impossible» glasses are not survived, but their exact copies, as well as the glasses and bowls made in the same technique are stored in the Museum of the Moscow Kremlin.

I get acquainted with such facts, I am more and more convinced that the story really moves along the spirals. And for each contemptuous European «FIRI» Russia firmly meets its «impossible» things.

How do you think?

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