As an eye to determine the poor-quality slag boking and tile: two councils that save nerves and money


There is a good proverb: Prepare Sani in the summer, but in winter. So in construction, the competent builder, who in the first year built the foundation and gave him to gain strength, stand in autumn, the wall material will bring the wall to the site. In the fall there is no rush, normal jubes work without AVRAL, comply with all the rules and rules.

In the summer, everything is different. Against the background of the expectant tree and metal, many people took a completely adequate solution: to build from a conventional semoretable slag block. Yes, he is not as warm as a tree, yes heavy as the wave of Mammoth, and a lot of shortcomings.

But he is cheap!

For a slag block house, you will not have to throw off the whole family on the kidney. And it may not be enough!

Now all the buildings and even garage masters who are engaged in a slagoblock and tiles are loaded by 200%. And on the question on the phone?

Is there a sllacobal?


-Cool for a month and a half.

All this leads to the fact that … well you understood. He crumbles in his hands! The manufacturer saves as if cement is more expensive to pollen fairies. The blocks have just come out of the workshop, they are already loaded to Gazelle and Vorovayki and deliver over objects.

The next day, this block is already in the wall. My neighbor was brought hotly expected over the month of the slagoblock. I had to return with tears. Everything can be seen in the photo:

I had to connect connections, to carry it to the plant and to negotiate that it would make it a batch of blocks out of turn for a separate MZD. Like all women calming down she started

-What cement?

Will not fall apart?



What the director led her hands white directly to the workshop and gave two valuable councils and a small bucket of useful information.

Many are used expensive cement M500 brand or even M600.

-We are cool, in which gold cement is using.

However, it turns out that their products are at times worse than made in the garage on the knee from the simple M400. Do you know what the reason is? They dilute it harder! So the cement brand is important, but not as critical. Much more importantly, the fortress was gaining a fortress or not, he was made using technology or not, comported or closed.

Many buyers chase behind the stored slag block.

In addition, in fact, the starting process does not increase the strength of the slag block or tile.

Raring only reduces the time period when the block is gaining strength. After such a camera, after 6-8 hours, the unit can be used to bookmark into the wall.

The worst thing is that the tile and slagoblock are not subject to mandatory certification.

Do not try to knock on the slagoblock, nibble with his teeth, to scribe nails, etc.

And now two advice.

As an inexperienced person, to find out whether the tile (slagoblock) for construction or not.

Take a long scolder with you

If the angle broke off, then such a slag block is better not to take in general — it is 100% rubbish, which will deliver only the troubles.

And now the Second Council. Rather, even the trick and is it in the field of social psychology.

And in the literal sense of the word.

It is necessary to declare trembled, practically in the foam for production and ask urgently one slag block:

Guard, help out, I live here, I didn’t have enough of 1 things to finish the floor to close the floor slabs. Crane is worth. Savor!

No one will refuse. Many are just like that.


After that, take the block and drive to the laboratory, where it will be handed over to the Black Grandma.

If everything is fine, go boldly and buy, if not — the flag in your hands — get ready to go further, find and pay. But for loyalty and suitability, it is very desirable to give a slag block to stand for two weeks in the shade and a couple of three times to pour it water.

All good, good luck in the unclean construction business.