As in China, tomatoes «for themselves» are grown.

For a long time in China, tomatoes were not recognized at all, and they believed that this fruit (by the way, they had a fruit, and not a vegetable) reduces male strength. The war for the plantation of tomatinship in the masses took place in China. In general, «the power said it is necessary, it means it is necessary. So it was gradually tying and used to. The truth is eaten only in fresh form — no canned food.

There is

Local residents even did not have a blink with the eye, as near the village in a few days, Liu with companions (almost 33 heroes) built a couple of kilometers of greenhouses. They worked with a Stakhanian pace.

Chinese warriors worked in the greenhouses, and Liu, like Batka-Chernomor, was sitting at the gate and answered contact with the outside world, communication with security forces and all sorts of checking, and at the same time sold mushrooms, greens, cucumbers and tomatoes, which were grown by his wards.

Tomatoes were like a selection: beautiful, puzzling, one color is neither to take clones. All passing gladly bought these beauties, not yet knowing that they contain the entire Table of Mendeleev, seasoned on top of Nanotechnologies Skolkovo and Chinese Pestcides.

We bought these tomatoes several times and we. As usual, talked. We told about glass, he is about his Michurin success. And somehow imperceptibly invited to go inside, show one thing from glass. I walked along the gigantic bushes of tomatoes, which grew up without beds straight out of the ground and amazed the well-coordinated work of the Chinese.

As right in front of the entrance to the Barack, where they all lived, saw high beds and completely different tomatoes. Not so smooth and beautiful, as they were sold, but fleshy and very large. Each tomoro did not fit in my far from the little palm.

-Oh, what do you have this?

-And are our.

-And that not yours?

-No, this is us, we eat them.

-And, it turns out, do not eat? No, those for sale. These we plant specifically. Try.


A soldering iron or iron to put to the Chinese breast, given that there are three dozen Jekichan, I did not, so about the method of planting tomatoes «for myself» asked carefully.

Those tomatoes that went for sale were processed by a hellish cocktail of pesticides and herbicides, so they did not need a bed. Everything grew by itself. But solely for myself, not for sale, they grown greens and vegetables completely on another system.

And now, in fact, the «Chinese» method of cultivation:

A healthy box is made from the boards, the bottom of which is stacked with a thick plastic film. In this film, small holes are made in the corners, so that when watering the excessive moisture is not accumulated, and gradually left it. Otherwise, the roots of the plants will be rotten.

After that, the trimming of the tree, branches and other vegetable unnecessaries are stacked on the bottom of the «mini-pool». The main thing here, the ability to actively rot. Further, Chinese Michurinans fall into the box four bags from the shiitake mushrooms (or mushrooms, champignons) and all this case is closed with a 10 centimeter layer of chernozem.

Everything is ready.

All salt in bags from mushrooms. The fact is that Shiitake is excavated by the mushroom all the contents of the bag (and this, sunflower seeds, straw and other organic filler). It turns out the perfect fertilizer, which contains a lot of useful substances, organic matter.

No chemical fertilizers are needed, in addition, bags from under the sin and Shiitake are the best definitioner of the Earth. There will be no thunder, fungi, mildew, pests and other nastiness, which so annoys the gardeners.

This year we «charged» the beds in our Icelandic greenhouse with such bags. Bags from mushrooms are quietly sold as a fertilizer, their price is from 50 to 150 rubles, depending on the greed of sellers. The Chinese have grown mushrooms themselves, so organic fertilizer for their tomatoes did the gift. We also had to buy 75 rubles per bag.

What they got in the end, perfectly visible in the photo above. I have not seen such beautiful, tasty and fleshy fruits for a long time. Cucumbers turned out even more. Having pleased the Bulgarian Pepper — he really liked such a fertilizer.

In the year of our dating, Liu and his richors, with the support of security forces, made a «Suitcase-Station-China». Since Half of the Bogatyr force was illegal, and in tomatoes «for sale» found not only the entire table of Mendeleev, but also unknown science chemical elements.

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