Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet As soon as the Chinese came out of the bus, rushed to the side of collecting stones.

As soon as the Chinese came out of the bus, rushed to the side of collecting stones.

Those who are from all the land along and across, argue that our planet is a very small ball, people everywhere are the same. I can not agree with this, as I see with my own eyes as much as we are different. Russia and China — the neighbors countries, between us carried out a thin line of the border, but on both sides of it are simply different civilizations. Which differ not only by the life, standard of living, traditions, but also the rules of doing business, entrepreneurial vein.

I’ll tell you about a particular example, whose witness I became.

Not far from my hometown there is one very beautiful lake that loved tourists, including Chinese. Buses with a slightly yellowish tourists from the Middle Bessenger there are frequent guests, and since the road is long, from time to time they make stops so that the inhabitants of the bus can come out, stretch their legs, hands and other parts of their body.

One of the stops is combined with the observation platform and is located right on the banks of the river. It is dropped with a stone, asphalted, decorated with urns, bench. Everything is chin-ran, even not ashamed to show import tourists.

True there is one but …

As soon as the Chinese go out of the bus, fit the cliff and, as if softer to put it, hindrance! But not from the beauties of the Ural Nature, not from the flood of the river or crowded urns, noeeee!

They are hindrance from what the playground is dropped! Many do not stand up and with an incomprehensible cry, these stones rush to collect. Imagine the scene: the crowd of the Chinese wanders the brake of the observation platform, raises the stones among the cigarets, folds himself in the backpacks and twitches:





You understand, for the Russian ear, the word «Chokhua», and even used as a question, already consonant with some bewilderment on a not quite censored language.



Yes, they are ready to collect everything. You see, everything!

I thought a little and added:

As soon as you stop, and they will see something, immediately understand that it is possible to put into the case, you can earn. And we go through this …

It’s time to reveal the cards and tell already that this is for the mysterious «Chokhua», which is collecting almost all groups of Chinese tourists.

Chokhua is Jasper.

Delicate stone, which around my city is just a shaft of Vali. It is so much that he is often self-like and even a more expensive serpentine used for dumping roads. That is, just the excavator ship in KAMAZ, the roads swell, and then asphalt.

Meanwhile, Chohua in China is valued almost on the equal jade, from which, as well as, 99% of the Chinese are pissed by boiling water. Crafts from Jasper in the Middle Kingdom are very expensive, respectively, the stone itself is much more expensive than with us. The most appreciated red jasper and landscaped, in which many streaks, divorces, etc.

After I told Gidu that a whole quarry of this «Chowhuki» is located in a pair of kilometers from the parking lot, and there it can be gained in any quantity in any color, I responsibly stated:


Ride to career exactly two minutes. The bus came to the side of the road, the group rushed along with me to his career, simultaneously considering it here, then there are huge cobblestones sticking out of the ground. At the bus driver, the hair began to get up end, suddenly they will try to roll on the bus. There are plenty of their strength.

And when we approached the edge of a red jasper career, which in China by weight of gold, from which caskets, decorations, jewelry, decor and interior items (which, by the way, can cost several thousand dollars!), All tourists and even A sigh of surprise broke out of the chest, for the career with an expensive red Jasma appeared in front of us in this form:

Locals from nearby villages simply export garbage there.

It would be possible to write a lot more. But I will not! I do not want! I can not! I just do not understand how this can be. How not to remember the proverbs:

What we have — do not store, lose — cry.

The Chinese tourists themselves were told by the open text: if this quarry had been in the subway, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages would be already millionaires.

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