As the Finns fasten the lining to the walls: everything seems to be simple, but no waves, cracks and cracks


Lining as street cunf. At first it seems that there is already difficult there for the quick hooligan teach. Five minutes passed, you lie on the asphalt with a bruise under the eye and you understand … I got excited …

With the lining, everything is the same, you think: everything is simple, now the fear of the ceiling or a sauna of the cavity and will be like the best houses of London and Paris. Indeed, beauty, it turned out like a hair dryer. My wife is pleased. Only in six months — a year everything went to waves and cracks thick into the finger. And you realize that in the column, the diagnosis is simple and to the pain of the offensive: Helds.

A few years ago I needed to make a ceiling in the nursery. Plasterboard and stretch ceiling for children shall immediately, so decided to go to the classic way — to lush the clapboard.

Bought the lining and … there was an eternal question:

Traditionally, we have a lining with finish nails. This is megaudobno, but even rows of caps, especially on the ceiling, to be honest — infect. The second traditional option — kleimers — avoids traces of installation.

He was chosen.

The problem is that kleimers in Russia make the Chinese, and in China from the Chinese metal. They have any rigidity and with the slightest warming of the wood, they begin to rush hard.

And it will be a bending in any case, as we are not dry at all.

The first gap on the ceiling appeared in a month, then the waves went. Five years later, you can’t look at the ceiling without tears. There was no trace from the past beauty. Such a feeling that he was done by Bezrukov and Eposles.

Three years ago I met the third option for fastening the lining and now apply only it. I have already told several times that the house was built by my friend, the most «suspidic» Finnish brigade.


First, as such, the Finns are not used in construction in construction. They are used or a false bar or thin wooden slats with the removed chamfer — we have such railings are called the calm. It looks very aesthetically, pleasant for the eyes and, according to the confirmation of builders, does not collect dust on the walls.

Secondly, it turned out that all the material was made from the Siberian forest, which was processed in … Crimea.

That is, in the yard of 2018, the sanctions, the Americans are in full binding Siemens for cooperation with the Crimea, and the Finns are sinking the vertors all these prohibitions and freely buy a tree from there, from where it is located.

Nothing personal, business is a business!

Next, while the household complex was going, the Finns laid out the lining inside the house to dry. It lasted three weeks to dry. When the brigade gathered a frame with insulation and mounted communication, immediately began to assemble the inner finish from the dry material. Apparently I really wanted home.

There are no nails and kleimers — only hard fastening for special self-silent and cencing self-tapping screws in the end, and without any ventilation gap. As the builders explained, the vent-gap for dry premises of the bedroom or living room is absolutely not needed.

Such self-tapping screws themselves fall into the wood and do not create cracks and faults in the process of twisting. Even when the hat enters the molding, thanks to the notches on the inside, the hole itself is sinking.

The self-tapping screws are screwed up right in the upper edge, thereby pressing the board not only to the base, but also to the bottom, already fastened, the board.

Thanks to this fastening, everything is rumbled rigidly fixed and not subject to warning, waves, cracking. In order to see the hats of these tapes, it is necessary to look closely to the slots for a long time. But it is even before painting, which then closes the last traces of fasteners.

By the way, the Finns are not completely afraid right in the midst of the walls to make the seams between the clashes boards. Due to the high-quality end saws and disks with a small tooth, each board is perfectly smooth. Look at how accurately adjusted the board to the board:

And this is what the fully assembled wall of the lining-calm and Finnish screws looks like.

So I took this reception to weapons and the other day I will try to repeat it on my own attic. Maybe it will be possible to change the offensive diagnosis.