Asked Swedet, why they are not afraid of cold.


Guess what the most frost-resistant nation in Europe?

Naturally, with the exception of Russians. We are considered complete scumbags in the literal sense: we go to the boots and Vatens even in the summer, we go to the store on a tank, drowning at home exclusively by firewood, and on the railway nuclear reactor, hand brown, sometimes white bears in an embrace with balalaika.

The whole set of stereotypes about us posted me a familiar Swedish — master of jewelry from a deaf Swedish village. We talked almost a whole evening and touched upon the question of who they are considered the most frost-resistant nation.

As it turned out, I turned to the address! Swedes are considered the most frozen Europeans among the Europeans themselves. And the real snow queen is Jonna.

And no wonder, as the girl, akin to the wargo, bathes in a cavity, sits on the snow, walks in some shorts and a short top on the snowdrifts of the frozen Swede and … and already from the above, you can simply sit at the computer.

Naturally, my first question was:

-And you not cold?

It was cold. Even very, and now there is no!

-Why? What changed?

I drink a special Swedish tea that is made from natural ingredients and thanks to this tea we almost do not feel cold.

-Do not share the recipe?

Yes, I can, there are no secrets here, almost all the Swedes know him. Just why he is in Russia you live, you still live?

I had to explain that we have a climate, and why in Siberia and in the South Urals can grow watermelons, grapes and apricots. There was no limit to the surprise, but she still gave the recipe — or rather a link to him.

He was surprisingly simple, only there is one Maaaalensky but: almost the same recipe use … Bashkirs.

Yes Yes Yes!

It is such a decoction that the Ural hunters often make. And you will now understand why:

In a metal mug / small saucepan, boiled water is recruited.

Further, a small handy of small firber / pine needles is falling asleep into the water tank. Such who are not yet worried, and smell like a tree and have a generous green color. There is no big difference between her fir and pine, pine will be a little bitty.

The needles insist in the water of 10-15 minutes, after which the water is filtering and finely hammering in it is added to her! It is Chaga — a mushroom that grows on birch and which is so actively collecting the last two years and export abroad.

Including in Sweden — there is our Ural Chaga an indispensable attribute of healthy nutrition stores!

Chaga is added from the calculation of 1 teaspoon of 250 milliliters of water.

After that, several pieces of ginger root are put into the tank. Of course, today it is not quite cheap pleasure, but the little root can afford. It is added quite a bit, otherwise you will not be able to drink this decoction.

The resulting mixture is cooked on the heat of 10 minutes, after which it is removed from the fire and cool slightly. Who does not like extraneous inclusion in the drink, can strain it through the gauze.

Sugar or jam is added to the drink and …. is used for its intended purpose. It turns out quite sweet, similar to a shotboard, drink.

I have already cooked it twice and this is something! Taste awesome!