Asylum of Aborot: What they found the Soviet military in the Ural Steppe, and why the residents of the city are forbidden to walk


When a person sees the Ural River on the map of Russia, and then it stands on her shore … the cognitive dissonance is impassing. Well, how so, on the map she is almost like a Volga, although before the eyes are not at all the river, but more stream.

Some of the Urals can simply step over and not to dunk legs. But this situation was not always, and several thousand years ago, when the Ice Age approached the end, and the active melting of ice began, the Urals were width not 10 meters … and 40 kilometers.

Feel the difference!

Well, a couple of millions of years ago instead of the river, on the spot of the steppe, the warm Permian Sea splashed, with a huge number, fish, ichthyosaurov and other marine inhabitants. Who only dreamed of doing a kus-kus of the filleic part of the careless observer or even chop it entirely.

Of course, such a breakwater could not leave the mark in history, so the city of Magnitogorsk, who spread out among the endless Ural steppes, is on very soft, similar to a sponge, limestone rocks. Any river and even a small stream break into them deep-rods, ravines and often go under the ground, leaving for themselves no one … And the caves.

With this feature of our steppes, the Soviet military — rackets who erected fortifications for the defense of the city from possible missile attacks of the United States or China were collided. When designing the positions of rocket parts, it was assumed that the most powerful SPK should be located in the south of the city. There was also a large military town.

However, it soon turned out that it was impossible to do this: the steppe from the southern part of the city is similar to a large sponge.

It is all overwhelmed with dips, grotts, craters, ravines and caves of natural origin. Construction was frozen, although decent money, time and strength were in preparation and exploration.

Therefore, instead of a large military camp in the south, only a small C-75 link was placed in the south, and the already built railway station, which was supposed to be used for military needs, called «cave».

Sortness, when placed in the steppe of false batteries, the SPC, the military found the steppe cave largest in the southern Urals. According to legend, a lonely woman lived in her, which voluntarily left the people, took some kind of vow and moved to live in the cave. Residents of the village magnetic and neighboring villages brought her to eat, cared for her.

Subsequently, according to her name, the cave was called Avdotoin.

The length of this cave at first glance is small, but it is only at first glance. From the main cave to the parties, many narrow clips are departed, which end with deep wells.

The deepest well goes down 28 meters and the temperature in it is year-round -4 degrees.

In the past few years, the cave began to attract the attention of tourists who began to look for an adventure of one place. Unprepared people tried to climb the cave, stuck, failed, and turned out to be at the bottom of the improvised natural

The last straw, which overwhelmed the bowl of the patience of local authorities, was the case when three teenagers fell into the cave. The entrance to the cave was brewed by reinforcement.

However, this did not stop the adventurers on their fifth point and many began to scour around the district in search of other caves.

And they found!

It turned out that in the district of such underground formations several dozen — the surface of the steppe is all exist with craters, dips, grots and other charms.

So a few years ago, all citizens and local residents of the surrounding villages strictly warned that walking along the steppe in the southern part of the city is not just undesirable, but really dangerous.

The cave is closed so far, there are no research there, although in the walls of the cave, traces of the life of prehistoric mollusks and other fossils are visible. The military from these places left for a long time — even on the eve of restructuring.

And since we have in Russia, as always, if it is impossible, but I really want to, then you can … The rescuers from time to time pull out from some failure of the next searches for adventures, escaped goats, cows, sheep, and sometimes everyone immediately.