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Atomic shield of the steel heart of the Motherland: what the secret object 7a looks like, not at all on the US

Many accurately want to fix me: not atomic, but an antioactive.


The fact is that Magnitogorsk, the steel heart of the Motherland, as he was called in the USSR, was closed with a powerful anti-coat shield, which in itself was … atomic. And, yes, he was directed at all on America.

But first things first.

I have already

The city of Magnitogorsk was protected from all four sides — such protection gave a certain guarantee that no imported aircraft, even a vulnerable U-2, could fly over the city.

But not only against intelligence aircraft, these complexes were aimed — given the plans of the Americans to arrange the Atomic Bath in the USSR, C-75 protected the city from the atomic bombing.

With the advent of more modern types of weapons, the C-75 began to obscure and could not guarantee 100% protection against the Universal Threnders, who threatened America.

We needed a more powerful and modern protection system. She has become new complexes C-200. These are the latest complexes of the SPC, which had a strictly defined stationary location.

In the vicinity of Magnitogorsk, all four C-75 batteries were disbanded and replaced by one mega-200 C-200 battery. The radius of its action, as seen from the name, was 200 km. Therefore, there was no need to defend the city from four sides, quite enough.

There are no secret information here, this is not a state secret. The place of the former Battery C-200 is known to many, especially there there is almost nothing left — everything was blown up after removing C-200 from combat duty and their replacement on the C-300, which do not need stationary fortifications.

Although, of course, it is very sorry for the work of hundreds if not thousands of military, which in the steppe from zero rebuilt almost the city, the «quarters» of which were connected by kilometers of cables, protected by earthen embankments with a height of up to 5 meters.

I was interested in something else — the former secret object 7a. He still exists and you can easily come to him.

It is the repository of the atomic shield of Magnitogorsk, which was not sent at all on the United States.

The fact is that by the time of the statement of C-200 on combat duty, a real headache for the USSR was not at all the United States, with whom our diplomats officially «beat themselves», and the military under the carpet built each other nasty. The cold war as a whole was a managed conflict, and we and Americans knew what to expect from each other.

The USSR did not have a completely adequate «friend» who had behaved defiantly and beat himself a heel in the chest, that he and only he was the center of everything and all on this planet.

This is China!

It was understood that at the beginning of the Atomic War, when the parties would undertake each other atomic batons, missiles for each strategic object will fly not only much, and before the scratch. And some of these missiles will be not only from greetings from the USA, but also from China.

As a protection against this, the trick of the flying weapon was invented and a atomic shield was developed, which was kept throughout the USSR territory in objects 7a, including in Magnitogorsk.

It’s time to reveal the cards and tell what it is.

This is a deposit, which was built to protect the environment from possible radiation. Now he looks like this:

The fact is that part of the rockets of the C-200 complex had an atomic head!

Our military understood perfectly: in the upcoming meat grinder, too many missiles will fly to Magnitogorsk and neighboring Beloretsk and Magnihore.

To knock them off everything is impossible!

Therefore, such a strategy was invented: after declaring and detecting a set of flying goals, a rocket with an atomic charge was produced towards them, which should be blown right in front of the swivel of enemy rockets.

Yes, after that, the soil will be guaranteed to be guaranteed, but it will be 100-150 km from the city, which will give people at least some, but a chance. Now only the ruins of the dome storage remained from the whole huge military town.

Radiations there, naturally, no, but are not recommended to keep any activity. Although the excursions come here all the time. Some, especially desperate people, even fried kebabs. True, when you find out why it is impossible to be for a long time, our belongings are folded and leaving. But about this reason will tell separately.

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