Brigadier Tajikov: «Well, you suffer, let’s show how to remake the wheelbarrow to serve for a long time»


Summer is such an interesting season when the owner of the house, garden or cottages suddenly discovers that practically handcuffs are chained to one simple adaptation. It happens on one wheel, sometimes on two … guessed?

Well, of course, the car!

Without a wheelchair in the summer of nowhere: sand, cement, manure, crushed stone, bricks, or storage, and even even children to ride. In general, the house is for the house, it is like an artist and brushes, chocolate and nuts, carrots and the score in the Swiss bank.

True in our country with tension cars. Well, there can not be a country that exports millions of tons began to make such cars for themselves so that they do not break, but served faith and truth. A year ago I was looking for a good, reliable wheelbarrow and found: with rest, thick metal, galvanized and other buns.

Good everyone! Did not consider one — wheels. With all its undoubted advantages, there were two big drawbacks.

The first: bearings.

The second drawback: the wheels themselves.


So do not convey words, as far as I drenched with these wheels. Only last year I glued them more than 7 times: the cameras became like patchwork blankets. You can say discovered a new needlework — Patchwork on rubber. This year, the torment with wheels continued — even new cameras did not help.

On our happiness, it was decided to expand the workshop at this summer, as the places catastrophically lack. For the installation of tiles, the installation of borders and other construction female shuya was hired by a brigade of Tajiks.

On the very first day, the brigadier of the postsons (in our opinion Dima) sadly inspected a car, shook his head and quietly asked:

«Eaee, the owner, Savsome is bad? What do you feel wrong with the wheelbarrow?

Good, the wheels are terrible.

-That’s for sure. You give me money to me, I’ll give it to you. She will serve to serve after us until the end of life.

I will not long and you need to describe where we went and where they bought. I’ll tell you right about what they did with a wheelbarrow. First of all, you need to throw out old wheels and forget them as a terrible dream. Instead of chambers in a wheelbarrow, two tubeless polyurethane wheels are put in a wheelbarrow:

The problem is that the tubeless wheels do not spring so much, so in them (if it is «the correct» wheels) reinforced bearings that do not fly apart on the first week. Because of this wheel is wider than chamber wheels.

Therefore, it is not possible to wear them on the old axis. Rather, it is possible, but they will not hold on — the wheels break hole for the fixing stud.

Apparently, this is done specifically, the manufacturer seems to hint:

What is so smart? I decided to do too good a wheelbarrow?

In order to fix the wheels on the shaft you need a hairpin for 12 mm with a thread, two wide galvanized washers and four nuts: two simple, and two with fluoroplastic locks inside.

And then there is a case of technology: a length of 63 cm is cut off the studs. This is just enough for the entire axis with fasteners and washers. Stigro is loaded through the axis of cars, polyurethane wheels are put on. In the bearings, the portion of the maximum thick lubricant is fattening in greasy.

Next, two wide nuts are worn on the stud — they are needed to protect bearings from sand, dirt and other garbage. And all this is tightened by four nuts. First, simple, and then kicked up with two nuts with fluoroplastic locks:

As a result, it turns out a car with a reinforced axis protected by tubeless wheels, in the bearings of which neither moisture nor garbage or sand will fall … and then every bzyak on the list.

Two weeks of work passed. How much this car sustained in two weeks — not to convey words. Nothing is not peeled, does not creak, dirt in the bearings are not. Punctures and missed chambers, naturally, can not be.

So the Tajik «Dima» can be said so much thanks for the useful advice on the alteration of cars, however, I still hope to survive a wheelbarrow.