Builders were insulated by attic, as in Alaska.


Attic in any private house — risk zone. It is she and nothing else requires such an exact compliance with all the technologies and installation rules. It is enough to be mistaken at least in one point and instead of warm and dry room under the roof, dampness appears. And the rotting and mold are going to her slender rows as a gift.

Attic in my house is a permanent headache for 5 years. At first, the builders were accomplished, which instead of the normal membrane laid the runneroid, so without a ventilation gap. Then I hung myself, having decided to warm up as it was, that is, revealed on the great Russian.

Avos did not help — after the first frosts, the roof ran out with terrible force. It was so that the floor accumulated a good puddle. The sad outcome — the insulation was removed, it was necessary not only to completely redo the roof, but also change the approach to the insulation system.

The fact is that our home and workshop are extreme to the steppe, so in winter, the roof and attic has to withstand not just wild cold, but also hellish wind loads. As a result, the mineral wool insulation even at a good windproof blurred — vaporizolation inside the premises went to the chakun.

It was decided to warm the attic in this way, as they do in the coldest and thoughtful areas of the North — on Alaska. And this system has caused such disputes in the builders team that one part of the brigade almost removed the scalp at the second part of the brigade. The first were offered to make two layers of the membrane: they say, not to blow. The second stood on their own: do as in Alaska.

What caused such a fierce dispute?

And the extruded polystyrene was to blame. Traditionally, this material is placed under the floors of the soil, the scene, the base of the house is insulated. For insulation, mansard in Russia does not apply it. Meanwhile, it is on Alaska that the extrusion is used as one of the layers of insulation. And the calculator agrees with this completely:

Now the insulation of the attic has the following form:

Finishing (in some way, but not in all rooms)


EPPS — 50 mm on rafters

Polyfoam (PSB-15) 100 mm between rafted




And now the most interesting. Yesterday, guests came to us — the same brigade, which almost snapped when the insulation was installed. We arrived specifically check how the insulation behaved.

The fact is that we had very low temperatures for two weeks. A couple of days a block of thermometer fell to -36. All sat at home. And now the cold retreated and the thermometer showed at the sun +3. It is in such such differences that the roof is actively crying — pulls off what hung over the cold.

Builders expected to see me like this:

Since there is no heating at the attic at all — the room is heated with warm air from the first floor.

Expectations were not justified. I was sitting at the computer barefoot and in shorts:

First looked the roof. Finding, I have no icicles:

Climbed into the ventilance of the underpants. Also everything is clean:

Okrew the pie, everything is perfect, no moisture drops:

So such a system of insulation works quite well!

We are waiting for spring, we carry out heating and ventilation and begin the finishing finish. I hope on this epic with construction will end.