Checked on his terrace, is there a sense in expensive consumables



As in that joke, I apologize for intermittent handwriting. Half of the day and I spent the entire evening for grinding the terrace before the workshop. A total of 11 hours of continuous grinding. Hands tremble so far, now I understand Uncle Parkinson.

As you already know, the last week I made a selling dream with my beloved (and the only one!) Wife about the open terrace. The boards were collected and ready for color … when five minutes before printing cans with butter, the object of the objective occurred:


Of course!

how cool!

-And that!

-We, and here the offennes! Oh, and here is not smooth! Oh, and here the track from the shoe! Oh, and here the edge will plunge! And you will not grind, so that it was completely smooth?

Employees of the construction team in my only person realized that the construction work stage was not over yet. Terraced boards were in principle very different, smooth, but since the strict gentleman said it was necessary, it means that it was necessary. In addition, the grinders of Bosch had to be tested in the present work.

The next day I went to the store for petals from sandpaper. After a long random, he stopped at 240 grains (closing ahead, I will say that I did not lose it — the finish surface very pleased). But the abundance of producers and spread prices put in front of me a serious problem, which petals choose:

Thinking, I took three packs of petals — one pack of each species.

The first thing to go to work «Corporate China» worth 120 rubles for 5 petals. Very dense circles, evenly applied grain, grind them with one pleasure. One petal turns out to polish exactly one board. Twist as you want, click not click, one board and point.

Then came the cereals of the petals of Bosch. The price of 150 rubles seems to hint: I’m cool, you paid a lot of money for me, I will work out every penny. At the same time, the kind of trust discs itself is not inspiring. They are at times thinner branded-Chinese. But, on my surprise, one disk can be seized two and a half or even three boards.

When the difference is 120 and 150 rubles, but one disc can be seized three times more, the questions do not occur at all. Wallet decides.

TOTAL, two packs of petals were polished 20 boards. One package with five petals of a unlucky Chinese firm remained. Well, «I think,» I’ll have to go to the store tomorrow, if these were not enough, then cheaply fly away at once.

Do not feed special illusions, I revealed the bag and … pppp! And they are dense and thick. Much thicker than the rest. Stuck to the machine and rushed …

You will not believe! One Chinese disc I polished 18 boards.

Eighteen boards !!!!

Just imagine:


📏📏📏 —


It’s right to say, the 18th board I have already burned — myself was interesting to reach or not.

There are two boards. Now it is for sure!


All four! And these were ads of flour. They almost did not grind.

I do not know what bodies of the Chinese Motherland came to me the first disk, or they mistakenly put something from the top-secret strategic reserves, but it was something with something.

And maybe the first disc was for the domestic market and they put it specifically:

see how the present Chinese quality looks like, what disks we grind! Envy and suffer!

There were no additional designations in addition to the grain size on the disk. In general, I did not understand what it was. But I have no big desire to play the lottery. Or play …