Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet «Damn» cool needlework from the USSR, from which now the whole world goes crazy

«Damn» cool needlework from the USSR, from which now the whole world goes crazy

Today, in order to decorate your favorite car, your beloved swallow, the car owner requires only one thing — N-naya amount of money: for the spoiler, give so much, for the lining, for wheels, varnishing, polishing, … In general, it is necessary for And the little trolley.

A couple of tens of years ago to decorate the car money especially and was not required. And I needed a blobe in the nearest hospital and straight hands, which grew from the right place. Every self-respecting motorist his duty was considered to have two things: a rose on the poker (on the handle of the gearbox) and a scrambled of a damper or fish, which synchronously cocked on the mounting of the rear-view mirror.

The man who knew how to weave such scratchiks or any other figures, and had the opportunity to get droppers from the nearest hospital, was gripping. His creations were updated, bought, gave, sometimes selected. And in some, especially launched cases, the bosses directly seated a valuable frame at the table, squeezed the dropper and said:

«I promised a good acquaintance such a thing, sit in knirty, you’ll shift.

So it seems to be a completely simple lesson developed into whole needleworks across the country.

Weaving from the dropper is one of the varieties of Macrame.

The figure is made of several tubes and individual details of the dropper. Flexible transparent tubes cut forward along or spirals so that peculiar bays are. Especially hand-made craftsmen made bracelets, decorations, handles and other joys for the defers from the tubes.

Time passed, modern children have completely different toys. However, the «damn» creativity from the dropper is not forgotten. The second year abroad is a real boom on a weaving from droppers, parakord and other plastic and nylon cords.

Wine to this … Yes, yes, yes, the events of the past year, which should not speak on Zen.

While we were all sitting on the houses, many mastered weaving from the tubes, and now crafts, especially braided bracelets, beat all records on sales in foreign fairs of needlework.

Even large brands joined the case: who will pass by a good profit?

For example, one of the luxury producers of jewelry released on sale here such bracelets on hand. No price is not much — 99.99 euros.


Naturally, the Chinese immediately connected the Chinese and an accurate copy of such a bracelet can be bought on Aliexpress for 34 rubles.

Good discount!

Many needlewomen from near and far abroad buy schemes and master classes on weaving figures from hollow tubes, the price of which can reach up to 25 euros.

And since the situation in Europe is not very encouraging, many are sitting at home, the forgotten needlework from the USSR is now going through wide steps worldwide.

True, abroad does not say that such a weaving is from Russia. For example, in the USA argue that there were still the Indians (I really see how every self-respecting Chingachguk had in a bag of motok dripping), in Europe nodding in Africa, they say

Well, okay, God with them, but we know …

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