«Do not suffer, write three letters and you will sell the right disk»: why we do not choose the discs for the grinder


It would be possible to talk with a smart look about the ruler of the selection of the disk, it is important to inflate the cheeks and pretend that he always knew …

But I will not …

I learned about how to choose the disk correctly just a couple of days ago, so, as they say, we live in a century.

And he helped me in this hard matter, oddly enough, hemorrhoids, who suddenly arose on my site, and I organized him myself. In general, I stood in my corner a small stand for irrigated tanks. Eight years ago, I took it out of work at the price of scrap metal: brought on Kamaj, clouded crane directly in place and concrete.

Eight years passed and pulled me fucking this thing to demolish.

Invited familiar builders:


Not a question, tomorrow will come!

The next day, my acquaintances arrived entirely with the Bulgarian. Who monitors my channel, he knows this story. The brigade not only did not heat this canopy, but also managed to stop her grinder, my Bulgarian and almost burned my welding machine.

What only obscene expressions I did not hear over these two days! Oh and rich Russian to strong words. Even flying past the birds, having heard the words of the brigade, returned to the nests here with such eyes 👀.

The reason for our collective torments, as it turned out, was in a pipe — it is a thick-walled high-strength pipe for reactors. On my factory for these pipes, cooling was drilled for special substance reactors for metallurgy.

We beat two days!

But in the end she surrendered. We cut her!

And he was cut with a grinder, but a special disk. And he helped us the easiest, quite ordinary builder who was busy on the repair of our workshop. Grandpa at one time worked on metalworking, so the knowledge of his WHO and a small trolley.

He looked at our torment, listened to the story, and says:

Vadim, and what is the pipe saw?

Looks like nerves, and mine!

«Do not suffer, write three letters, drive a store and you will sell the right disk.»

And he wrote.

And I found this disk.


And now actually about disks and how to choose them.

How are you choosing discs for the ESM in the store?

All, and I also look at two parameters: diameter, and type of material (material or concrete).


Well, even at the price we look. For recently, the discs are as if diamonds from India add.

Meanwhile, this is a completely wrong approach. Rather, not quite correct. It turns out that on each disk the manufacturer indicates a special cipher that allows you to choose the desired disk to the desired material.

A knowledgeable person freely decipheres this, at first glance, Abra Cadabra and understands it will suit him or not. Here is the decryption of the most popular designations on modern disks:

So I bought, according to the designations recorded to me, a zirconium disc with a particularly large grain of high hardness for the price of the aircraft. Well, okay, but the stand was spill, half of the disk was still left, I learned about the designations of disks for the ESM and a lot of new obscene vocabulary.