Doblotlot Doblot Moting: A food industry technologist showed how to determine fresh canned food


How cool to have under the side of your own food industry technologist, which every morning with you greets in the kitchen:

Good morning, dad!

No, seriously, when the daughter went to learn from this specialty, I thought she would show me all sorts of life on the cooking of delicious dishes, give advice, what products to buy and embody another thousand of my Wishlists.


Now I do not go to the stores. At least with daughter. As soon as my hand stretches to some product, a voice is heard from behind:

-Paaaap, let me look at the composition. Taaaaaak … Oh, that’s it. Put back. This in the hands can not be taken, not that in the mouth.

And until recently, I was sure that those the words «throw kaku» do not belong to the «kindergote». No, well, seriously, every summer we go to children … There is no bathroom … on alloys. A few days in full autonomy, without people, only the river, forest, tent and you are on a small boat.

In all hiking, we take canned food: stew (food of gods) and canned fish. The last few years it has always been a brethlot — for us he is a symbol of quality.

A few days ago, the spouse said:

I want to make a fish salad, buy canned food.

-No problem.

In the store, my hand, without fear to hear the daughter’s charming voice, reached for the desired jar.

Guess what happened next? That’s right, the voice rang out:


Yes, this is a kindness, all the rules.

Not «norms», and give here.

I looked at the Food Controller on the bank and put it in the basket:

-Everything’s Alright.

-What maybe not rules?


-Like this?

I will show you now.

So, that my daughter told me.

Voborotlot as a whole is a very good company, which makes no less good canned food, and, most importantly, right on the swimbase. FloaBase uses banks on which there is a firewall with its number:

P08 — Floa Base 08.

In addition, it is written on the label:

«Made in the sea»

But excellent quality and increased demand played a bad thing with her: a sea of swimming, which makes the freshest canned right in the sea, so to speak without leaving trawl, stopped cope with orders.

Therefore, it was decided to «deepen and expand» the production due to the construction of the processing plant on the shore. Fish is frozen, drove ashore and stored. As soon as the hands reach it, it is deflated and processed.

So as not to crush the soul and not

«Made by sea.»

Apparently it is understood that the sea goes ashore and baratchats on the processing plant of the company, which has an index in the second line:

These canned foods are also high-quality, fins, scraps of the network, harpunov and other joys of second-rate plants you will not find there. Everything is extremely high-quality and done by technology. But this fish has passed the overestimate cycle of frost-defrost.

So everyone chooses for himself, that it is more important to him: freshness or extra 7-12 rubles discounts. I personally have the option only one, for the Food supervision by the shoulder of the shoulder.