Each penny will work: tools for a home workshop that I use

When I planned a budget for the construction of the house, I highled for each stage a strictly defined amount: for the foundation so much, on the water, on gas, for electricity, the box of the house, heating, roof … After the «banquet», as usual, calculated The cost of fun. It did not come out almost 400,000 thousand. Interrogation of a wallet with predilection showed that the lion’s share from this «unsewrite» took the cost of the tool.

I am often asked:

How do you use the tool?

Yesterday, I asked such a question at once 5 people! And today I will try to reduce everything together, at the same time providing an indication of prices. After this article, there will be different — about the instrument on which I can’t do and cannot be recommended under any circumstances.

We measure.


Laser Rangefinder and Level

Drink and cut.

Furious saw —

Installation saw

Circular saw —


Chain electric saw —

We proceed.

Welding machine —

Grinding machine —


ESM, and in simple — Bulgarian.



Drilling machine

Impact drill


Screwdriver for easy work —

Screwdriver for hard work —

Shop for mounting electricians, furniture assembly —


Vacuum cleaner.

The man did — the man went to drink beer, and you will take a woman.

I am not from their number, and I do not drink beer. And I do not drink at all. On the saved money bought for cleaning the construction garbage as it … Digger, aaaa no vacuum cleaner

And on the plot for cleaning the branches and other vegetation, which is so climbing under the feet I use the garden chopper

From garbage in the yard, and the car does not interfere — it helps the washing of high pressure


Love each other and be near a true friend, it is indescribable. But I will not give a link to the store — do not ask. Yes, there is no longer there, I bought the first to 😊.

What else to say about the tools … There are many good things that cost cheaper and the same reliable. And there is a slag, which is impossible to take under any circumstances — it also had to meet. And more than once.

Of course, my garage workshop is not packed by the latest technology — there is no budget here, but all my needs tool are 100% closed. Just based on your small financial opportunities, I tried to find the Golden Middle.

There are tools much more reliable and more accurate, but to sell half the kidneys for the profile tool, which for household purposes is not needed … Nuuu is such a prospect. Therefore, wail through the full set of internal organs.

Good luck and good work on home!

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