Everyone knows that the Uggs invented in Australia, but few know why: because of this, I would not want to live there


Remember the film «Malibu Rescuers»? Yes, yes, yes, the same, where the rescuers worked people at all unable to swim, but they all possessed model appearance. And first of all it belonged to the main rescue — Pelale Anderson, the owner … well, much what she possessed.

How she fled on the beach in an open swimsuit !!!!

All the men looked only on what she had. But women looked at all over and thought:

What is it for such beautiful and light shoes in her legs?

So the world met a new type of shoe — Uggs (although all over the world they are known as AGZ) — it … It is even difficult to say that it is. These are such handmade-ounces on fur minimal to fur.

For its global success, this shoes walked more than a hundred years. For the first time she appeared in Australia — she was worn farmers and their wives in particularly cold weather. These light boots farmers have done their own, the benefit of sheep in Australia a little more than Kangaroo and rabbits combined.

So uggs are the most real, 100% Hendmade.

Over time, when Australia became the Mecca of water tourism, the surfers smelled to this shoes. It turned out that the uggs perfectly hold the heat of the feet after a long bathing and protect them from sand.

Australians people are simple and protected by some patents or trading signs did not wear their shoes. It makes it all who are not too lazy. This took advantage of … Americans. One of the shoe firms in the Solar Californshchina, which was on the verge of ruin, realized that the potential was laid in this simple shoe, and patented the name behind him. Australians tried to protest, but the most honest American court sent them directly to his homeland.

For advertising its product, Americans hired a few stars and paid for the promotion of their shoes in the series with Pamela that Anderson. After a week after the start of the series, the sales of shoes rose 750 times! The advertising budget fell off for 2 sales days. The world surrendered under the onslaught of what Pamela possessed.

Well, now why this warm, comfortable, but completely ugly shoes were invented in Australia.

Here’s how you imagine this country?

Kangaroo, former Zeks, aslant by the Queen-Mother of the Mother of British British, Rabbits, Big Barrier Reef, Pygmy, Nemo Fish, Dundee Crocodile and, of course, heat. Not even heat, but frying!

Right? No, not right!

With heat in Australia problems.

The fact is that in the winter the temperature in Australia falls to about + 10-12 degrees. For Russians, this is a fabric business, a little cold summer. But for local, which are accustomed to the summer temperature deep in 45 degrees in the shade, +12 is a specific dubby.

But that is not all!

Recently, in Australia, the temperature began to fall to -5 or even -3. At -5 in Australia, local residents turn into icebreakers, and -3 is considered a national disaster. Children sit at home and wait for them at least once the snow falls and falls. But, alas, their dreams are not destined to come true snow in Australia will not be taken out.

And now the most important thing is why it was there inventing uggs and why I no longer want to in Australia. Everything is very simple — there is no heating. Generally. There was no, no will not.

XXI century, people fly into space, rustle rustles on Mars, thermonuclear synthesis will soon come up, and they have no heating! No! Just think on the street -5, well, okay, persuaded, -10, and the Australians have no dating battery in the houses. Calrifer and that is not!

They warm clothes!

True recently, electric and special long electric rollers have appeared on sale and special long electric rollers to plug the slots in the doorway. My friend moved to Australia after the husband of Chileans (he engineer-builder of skyscrapers) and when the cold began, to the question:

-And where do you turn on your batteries?

The answer was the following:

-Ghi and warm blankets in the closet.

That is, they are on full seriously sitting on the houses and give oak in blankets and uggs. And they also heat up very cool phrase:

Be patient, soon warming up.

In winter, the temperature drops to + 11-14 in the houses of Australians. So I’d rather live in Russia, we have a battery such inherently. Yes, and this word B-A-T-A-R-E-I is such a warm, native.