Fair stories: what can happen at night at the fair

Each year in Elabuga is a fair — Spasskaya. In early August, a huge number of commercial people go to Elabuga, and to this sleep, a small provincial town comes to life.


Chelnings, forgive me, but May Hart Villa Elabuga.

In the city, during the fair, there is a literally apple to fall. Tabletovikov, tourists, just guests who want to buy something is divided away … Darkness.

Despite the fact that the Days of the Fair are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the most «wetting» shopping person in order to boost the most favorable place in advance, arrives at the field on Thursday. Some comrades, the «Waiterier» of all the rest together, come already on Wednesday in the evening and, Introducing Mazzg to the organizers, occupy the places of defense, often not even their own (and then fiercely beaten from late «merchants», in vainly consider that the right on their side, … naive).

In 2016, our Magnitogorsk Tabar came to the Spasskaya Fair as part of four Famoble … Delnikov: Our

How’s there in the surroundings?


We put a tent, bypassed acquaintances, puzzled Ala’s kebab «under the cognac» and tired began to put tourist tents in the hope of sleeping.

Ha! Naive.

All evening and half of the nights at the Fair Field arrived all sorts of gazelles, Largus, Trucks, trucks, universals, under the roof of the goods stuffed and all sorts of commercial supplies. It was even an eye stuffed under the string so that the pressure in the cabin clearly exceeded a couple of thousandth atmospheres (its owner 100% was once worked in a forge-free press shop).

In general, the situation is also! Someone tried to unload in complete darkness. Someone, having waved on her hand, went to bed where it was possible to put the car. Separate «merchants-extremals» with nanicities put tourist tents. Some comrades in the complete darkness put a brazier under the kebabs !!! No, but what? We are not in the library, in the end?

In short, our unsuccessful attempts to sleep continued to approximately 3 o’clock in the morning. During this time, I almost moved the gazelle a couple of times. Once, not finding 100 meters from us under the lantern of the biotales, someone wanted to pay directly at the tent. Phone calls, toasts, ornaments, mats from the mangal of coal, barking dogs — not counting, it can be said, there was a background soothing music.

And about 3 o’clock in the morning everyone went!

The bottomless night sky began to peering in sleeping «merchants».

And so, in minutes 30 of the fellow sleep, I was cut out of the arms of Morpheus a wild cry:



…. and silence …. cautious steps …. the sound of something has fallen there …. and again:



…. and silence …. a little closer to us:




All woke up. Here. No sleep. From the neighboring tent there is a whisper:


And suddenly, right next to us, a voice is heard, not even a voice, but practically the voice of God:



Made infarction … Here is such a scar. Almost everyone.

And here, from the next tent there is no less loud female voice of our familiar Arina — Masters-Gonchara:

Muyiaiiiiik !!!

If you do not silence, then I’m a shafur in g … …. shuffle!

And you will never reach Volgograd !!!

… silence….


Sanya, I’m here, come here ….. Just quietly.


Out out.

A curtain.

All who did not sleep, rusted to the whole voice. With sobs, with tears in the eyes. Someone in convulsions even rolled out from the tent.

Sorry for the shuddering font, as I remembered, already tears in our eyes 🙂

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