Finns presented the box of unusual self-nail-nail screws.

In order to attach something to something in Russia, three methods use three ways: they are tapped with nails, screw themselves with self-draws and fence in foam. The other day I learned that there is another kind of fastener and, no, it’s not gluing on snot and not even support to Russian avosh! I did not even know that this in principle exists. But first things first…

I understand that all the ears have been discovered about his friend, whom the Brigade of Finns from the most of the fact that is neither Finland built the one that is neither a Finnish house (to patient a year, the themes will end 😂). Although Domishko and skeleton, but the price is from him as from the aircraft. What is not surprising at all, since all the materials starting from the films, boards and ending with the brooms !!!! They dragged to Russia with them.

And since the experienced builders are not deprived of mind, they understood that the material and fasteners should be taken to Russia with a margin. In case of unforeseen circumstances (including due to the possible unauthorized attitudes of the legs, which is poorly resistant).

How they scared them there — nothing to say! Therefore, running through the local markets, where the frowning Russian builders walk in an embrace with bears and balalaikas, and building materials carry the Finns on tanks clearly did not want.

But, in two and a half months, the house was built, landscaped, so the brigade of Finnish migrant workers, passing the remnants of the material to their homeland.

Since the house was built qualitatively, nothing to finish the file with a bunch of materials and fasteners lacked at the host of the house for a whole year in the garage. Taking 99.99% of the useful area there. The owner sawed and started to distribute the material.


«Dasaberitiykhnafika Nazezhevnayudlachegoo.»

Who can translate and in what language I do not understand 😂.

Well, I took this box, perhaps it would be useful. And in my garage she lasted another year. So to speak to comply with the balance. But the other day, when I began to get in the garage and the workshop from the winter trash, this box is unknown than and for what I came across.

I had to consider them carefully and climb google / Yandex:

It turned out that this is a special fastening for the hidden installation of a small straining of the type of plinths, platbands, small bruises:

But most of all I was surprised by the top of the head — the slot is not designed for any directly either on the crusade, it wraps exclusively by TORX bits. It does not allow to break down the slots on the beat and on the fastest.

When mounting the mastered slats, the head of the fully twisted nail-screw-screw looks as follows. Agree, much more beautiful than simple self-drawing and even more nails:

But most of all I was surprised by the fact that the Finns burst into such a fastener … in Russia. This is our domestic invention, which was invented and patented in 2014 in St. Petersburg. In the process of finding information, I learned that similar fasteners were invented in England, but he was very uncomfortable and had a number of flaws. Our engineers from Peter were all brought to mind and patented.

Fastener turned out so successful that half of Europe is buying it, including Finns. Which then sell it together with their home complexes.

What to say? After all, we can want!

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