Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet Gathered children in an oakha and left the Urals: how much does the master earn, which opened a store with needlework in the Crimea

Gathered children in an oakha and left the Urals: how much does the master earn, which opened a store with needlework in the Crimea

With Olga, I met completely by chance. Instead of the main entrance to the Vorontsov Palace, the navigator, which one to him the slave plants, brought us a prolve in the fence. For which special thanks Google. Carta So that your military so in Syria pludded in search of the Belarusian Sea!

Leaving the car right at the break, we penetrated the park when we were not at all the janitor and not even angry guard, but a joyful voice:

Hi, fellow countrymen!

It turned out, immediately behind the break was the ranks of merchants with souvenirs and needlewood goods. The mistress of the first stall was from our area and had fun watched fellow countrymen with climbing holes.

Olga worked for more than 15 years on the Top Combine, after which he quit, receiving hot experience, disability and suspicion of oncology after the loss of her husband. Having passed a series of analyzes, she learned that there are no oncology yet, but the climate is desirable to change.

The decision was made immediately — the apartment in the cleanest city of the Chelyabinsk region — Magnitogorsk was sold, the money received was only enough for a room in Alupka. The first two years accounted for very hard, worked on the beach, in the park, traded lemonade, ice cream, street closer. In the summer, of course, with money easier, but in winter, when life freezes, it’s hard in the Crimea. It was a thought to return — still with earnings in the Urals.

In 2019, everything changed — Olga decided to monetize his favorite business: ceramics. A little bit of money, she rented a small pavilion for the entire season near the place of permanent racers, and opened the shop of needlework and souvenirs.


After that, the question arose, but what’s next? Where to take the goods? What to trade, the air is not in price now?

An attempt to plant instead of self-seller showed that the tent’s income drops sharply — a hiring person has no big enthusiasm to sell a lot, the salary of the seller and the rental has eaten too much profits.

Therefore, Olga adopted the only correct decision — to buy souvenir and handmade goods on the side, and trade independently. Preference was given to his beloved ceramics, soap, oils, balms, wood products, jewelry.

For the 19th year season, Olga gave the owner of 300 thousand rent, 50 thousand salaries to the seller, plus taxes and defeats. Net income amounted to 1420 thousand rubles.

But in 2020, naturally, the season did not set himself from the very beginning. At first, the spring was sitting, but the last two months managed to stretch a little. As such, the loss was not — managed to go out in zero, beating the rental and cost of goods.

In 2021, the situation changed — the incomes of people decreased, many are going to relax for the last money, so the tent of the big profit does not give. Vacationers buy the smallest — large and large things are almost not taken. The trade in souvenirs in the stall even at the passing place was not so profitable — millions would definitely not earn, in the winter it is necessary to work.

Good profit only among major stores that trade on the waterfront. They traded the manual work of local masters, attracting these holidaymakers, but the main navar still gives Chinese and Turkish souvenir. It comes to «dilute» his products.

Olga confessed in conversation that he did not know, it would be further to trade or this year is the last one. There is an idea to open a workshop and hand over the goods to the implementation of large merchants — there are not so many masters in the Crimea who make high-quality strokes.

So, the Crimea Olga did not disappoint, she is happy, but many nuances pop up, which she did not know about. The proverb «There is good where we do not» work 100% and in the Crimea. I asked a woman if she wanted to return. The answer was unambiguous — no. Let it be hard, but clean air, the sea, the products and health of the children can no longer be exchanged for stable Ural earnings.

What do you think about this? Does it make sense to open a workshop in Crimea, work with vacationers and locals?

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