German farmer explained the real reason why in Europe do not eat buckwheat, and Russia can be proud of it


On the Internet, the reason for the fact that the «bourgeois» do not eat our «queen of the table» explain the fact that she supposedly not such a taste. The authors of this opinion will try Swedish surstraming or Icelandic Hakarl. After a day of the sequence on the white brother and five rolls of toilet paper, they will understand that the taste in Europe is paying attention to the last.


So it is more comfortable, pour a cup / caffece, the story will not be small, but interesting. Hope.

The will of fate happened so that with purebred, 100% Aryan Germans I had to face twice. And both cases, oddly enough, were closely connected with buckwheat.

In 2017, I had a chance to be an accompanying photographer of a group of German tourists for one of the attractions of Bashkiria, which in Russia there are few people know — teeth Shuraile.

That day the weather did not set himself from the very beginning — shelted shower. There was a thought to sit at home, but since people came from another country, paid a lot of money, you need to go. With grief, in half met, and through tons of water, pouring from the sky, got to the border of the reserve.

The first surprise was waiting for us on the crossing, when one of the accompanying missed the Ryukzak River with food, and then a couple of Germans, apparently imagining that they trout, slipped and left under the water with their heads. After that, we rose to midnight at slippery rocks up.

At night, we were still waiting for surprises more immense the first: almost all the food was wicked, nowhere to gain dry firewood, the Germans refused the gas burner. It was an out. Seven hungry and frozen people sat on the rocks and waited for the dawn to pith a picture.

Yeah … what photos here! Eating, yes to dry.

Only closer to the dinner it turned out to find a group of tourists, take fire and regret the fire. From all the dry food, buckwheat remained in bags and several cans of stews. Questions, what was not to do is: Greach in a great pot, poured with water from the stream, all this generously proved to stew.

How the Germans ate!

They kept hot spoons with trembling hands, which only flashed in steam clubs. One of them raised his eyes to the sky, muttered something and asked:

So tasty! What is it?

We have this dish in the Urals called the food of the gods!

That for a minute thought about and nodded his head:


And again waited a spoon, bleated buckwheat with meat for both cheeks.

About the second German, many already know, this is the most familiar farmer who returned from Germany and donkey in the Urals, opening his small, but quite profitable. In my arrival to him, the whole family of farmer sat at the table and eaten … Buckwheat. True with milk, but this fact does not change anything.

They ate buckwheat!

My mute question:


The other question followed:


-Well, yes.

Let me enlighten you a little on this issue. Buckwheat does not eat because it is simply not grown.

So, the cattle is fed.

Short. But, firstly, very rarely. And, secondly, they are fed for tasty meat, which is more expensive than buckwheat.

-Why do not grow?

Not profitable.

It turns out that buckwheat is a very capricious culture. She does not need a severe heat, respectively, half of Europe disappears. It does not need excessive dampness — the plants simply rot on the root — even half of Europe merged. Even more harm wind.

Buckwheat requires particularly fatty blacks, which themselves are wealth: it is so demanding to nutrients, which sucks almost everything from the soil. So after buckwheat, the earth needs to relax.

But that’s not all!

The real reason why in Europe is not common buckwheat consists in the other: this culture does not respond to fertilizers.

If the wheat is good to feed the fertilizer, it will give a crop at times more. Won in my courtyard wheat lies — all on fertilizers.

And the fertilizer does not work at all. She as gave one weight, so will give, even though the foot of the whole field knee-deep, only the earth will burn. With hectare, the European farmer collects 10-12 centners of buckwheat and then the field is required to rest, and wheat collect 80-90 centners with hectares, sometimes 95-98.

The difference is 8 times!

Plus, buckwheat should not be protected by pesticides and herbicides — it gets faster from them than weeds.

Genetic engineering, which is considered in Europe a panacea for agriculture, can also do anything with it — buckwheat is immune to the addition of third-party genomes. It can not be made resistant to pesticides, it is impossible to protect from heat, moisture, wind, parasites.

Changed varieties just do not spare!

And what hemorrhoids to collect it … The combine is needed special, the speed should be much higher than when collecting wheat, because the buckwheat does not have a chaser, the mechanisms are more difficult.

Processing is another attraction. It requires so many operations that wheat compared to buckwheat is simply a gift of the gods: drying, drying, sporing, aeration, root.

In general, it turns out that buck is completely not suitable for intensive farming in Europe. Therefore, it is not grown — she simply does not afford to European agriculture. No resident of Europe will buy a buckwheatter at a price of 7-8 times higher wheat.

Therefore, in Russia a unique situation: we eat that Europe is simply not affordable.