German tourists rolled down from the mountains with shouts: «War!».


We shipped things in the car when a familiar voice rang out of my back:

Health, neighbors!


-Do that, again, they gathered to their annexers?

Yes, in ka. And where did you get that the Old Believers live there?

Yes, well, everyone knows everything about it.

I’ll go easter.

-Fulls brought and yes …. ask the local why their ticks do not bite …

Kaga — village, lost in the mountains of the Southern Urals. And despite the fact that there are quite modern people, who are actively working on the Internet, drive throughout Russia on the watch, there is a school, three tour pubs, a bank and even the museum, the unofficial title of «Strover» firmly entrusted to this village.


Uniquely it is the fact that in addition to official holidays, there are our rites, habits, beliefs that not to find in any other village of Russia. And several rituals are closely connected with Easter. Easter traditionally in Russia is celebrated by the procession, worship, painted eggs and herbs. All this in our village was.

But there was something else, from which … but about everything in order.

We got to the village we were without adventure. The weather is excellent, the road is good (albeit a little bitten «beagues») — fly yourself and fly. We arrived, laid out things, as suddenly, right above the head, he was heard from the gun.

Yes, not a simple, dry trust of rifle flips, namely shot from the gun. It has rocked so that the windows snapped, the dog with a scree was hammered under the table, and the cat suddenly turned out to be on the closet.

Natalia ran to the street, stood, listened, everything is fine. None of the houses run away, the belongings do not carry, the third world has not begun. After a couple of hours, when the dog was just beginning to get out of the table, and the cat left the closet, fluttered again, and even more comfortable. The dog clogged even further under the table, and the cat directly made it clear that now it is better not to conntove it from the cabinet. For her eyes were half a cup.

There was nowhere to go to the men and ask what it was for art preparation.

It turned out, the Kagintsev has a custom to fill in Easter and on May 9 from the gun. She drew a local turner. The men dragged the gun on the mountain, from time to time they charge smoky gunpowder and rushed into the sky every few hours. In Easter, it is called on Christ, and on May 9, they shoot in honor of the fallen Kagintsev. Powder do not regret.

Once, German tourists got under such art preparation. They say that they are almost swabs, rolled down from the mountains with shouts:




On the turbase they were disappeared for a long time … and not only.

In addition to shooting from an improvised gun, Kagintsev has another very interesting rite: «Ignition of Lagunov».

Laguna is a bucket in which each peasant kept the birch to come. This substance was used to lubricate the wheels in Renault Duster of the 19th century — that is, the carts. When the dog ended, the bucket was put in the barn to the Easter holiday. So for the year in the Sareek of the middle peasant, several «Lagun» was gained.

Every year, on the eve of the day, Light Easter, the peasants took these vendors from Sarayushki, walked on the mountain and set fire to the remnants of the truth right in the vendors. Birch dug is burning with dry alcohol, the heat is incredible.

Just imagine from 22.00 through all the hills, the mountains and on the ravenly ignition of the river are burning huge bonfires from Lagun and a dog. It is believed that «

Of course, today, many Kaginans changed carts to more modern carts, so there is no success in such quantities, but the tradition of breeding large bonfires is observed.

So around our village all night had a big bonfires. Maybe not in vain the village called the Strover?