Gypsies were sold at the Eternal Market Japanese bits for 1000 rubles.


There are such periods of time when many are disabled «Flight Management Center», located a little higher than where to usually eat.

That is, the brain.

These periods of time, as a rule, are coming a couple of days to some big holiday. Especially before the New Year, February 23 and March 8.

It is at that time half of Russia, and even more worn through all shopping centers, fairs, shops, boutiques in convulsive attempts to answer one single question:


These enjoyed the earliest people who do not turn off, and, even on the contrary, everything works much better. I came to the bait of great combinators twice: the first time, in 1998, when I participated in the «win-win lottery» and gave the last thousand rubles, I bought a cell phone with two screens, antenna, TV, four sims a second time. From the seller he wonderfully worked — I have no house.

Two lessons were enough full, therefore there is one immutable rule that saves me a lot of time, money and nerves:

Today I have not broken this rule.

Here is how it was. We have ended the strategic reserve of products to be filled. Moreover, soon the holiday is not far off and in the city there will be a terrible tool and bustle. I bought off the ODRPASPASP, we left the shopping center and headed for the car when they saw it right next to our car a decent such crowd of women.

Parking was held by representatives of a large Japanese company and offered all women to buy their defenders a gift for the «profile» holiday, in particular the eternal Japanese bit from the country of the rising sun, which simply impossible to damage.

All poverty in the hands of cardboard boxes with caringly baked in the usual stationery tape bits for a screwdriver, on which the inscription was gladically conquered.

Mr.Logo «JAPAN»

With a light accent, bright golden tooth, the representative of the company told that the last strategic reserve was sold out, there will be no more such tool in our city:

-Were Bita! Berry is expensive!

-What is the price?

Every thousand rubles.

-What is so expensive?

Won how many women will take their husbands as a gift! Look at what looks like Mercedes!

And indeed, the bits bought very well. As a woman, not to buy such a useful and beautiful tool to his hero and defender, who with his help will make many tough feats during repairs and in general.

From the old, seized Mazda, dedicated traders have endowed such desired boxes with bits. From the purchase I was saved, firstly, the rule I installed me. God, of course, loves the Trinity, but 1000 rubles per bit are expensive, even if she is eternal.

Secondly, I know this manufacturer and he is not Japanese!

Yes, the dear silver inscription «Japan» is banging on a pronounced bit, the problem is only that Mr.Logo, as it were, it would be softer to say, she is Russian. Goods of this company are not very common with us, builders, and especially women are familiar little.

In fact, the firm is domestic, but in Russia it does not produce anything. All orders are placed in Taiwan on a large machine-building plant (Kraftool is done there, then we are taken to us: buy-sell in pure form.

By the way, it turns out that the manufacturer has rushed, pointing out the country of origin — Japan, this is a simple Taiwan. However, bits, like other products Mr.Logo, quite sane quality, are not enough stars from the sky, but the price is not very high.

Such bits are sold by packages of 10-50-100 pieces and, if you take in bulk in the company online store, the price for one bit is something about 50-70 rubles. And sell them, using the novelty and beautiful hair dryer appearance of 1000 rubles.

The price was wrapped in almost 15 times!

So I had to spoil the earliest comrades for the time, tell women about the origin of eternal bits, catch not a very good look and leave.

Do not come to the fishing rod of such comrades, they are not comrades at all!

Take care of yourself.