Handmade beauty: They and we


The concept of beauty is absolutely different from each person. Everyone likes something, I don’t like something. Not in vain say: «The taste and color of all markers are different.»

Even in our workshop sometimes they brare such hot butals that our

Yes, no one will never put in life!

No, it’s beautiful!

It would be, if the author of this thing a hand was tearned …

-What did it?

-What is a man from the states.

-Aaaa, everything is clear …..

Very often, all disputes finish when you find out that the master of unknown nature and the design of things lives somewhere abroad. As one of the Quartet and «said once said:

And, indeed, when you see the thing made by the hands of a foreign master, I often understand what it would never have done in Russia. Even in the mug of «crazy hands» of the village of the village of the village of Lower Guadukino.

Tried several times to find at least one standing study about the understanding of beauty from different nations, but could not. Although I am interested in a very long time.

Abroad is really another understanding of beauty. Since we are all people, something in common, we have the universal, but sometimes the national differences are sometimes leaving for those gave … You’re standing, so yourself at the exhibition, you look at the thing made, for example, a master of Czech Republic, and think:

-God, and it would be better if you wrap yourself so much and stranger accommodated between the eyes.

And then there is a couple of pensioners past.


-20 euro.

Tell me, I’ll take it.

And they buy. Wrapped with braid and yarn cardboard for 20 euros. And they are also proud, what kind of wonderful handmade toy bought. But not like everyone else!

We would have spent the seller of such toys at the fair all day, would not sell anything and left with the feeling of self-esteem lowered. They also have anchlage.


They took the paper, rolled out the boat, glued a latch for brooches to the thermopystoletole and sell our money for 350 rubles. And after all take.

For many (but not for everyone), not even beauty is important abroad, but the very fact of possessing a thing of handmade is important, it is important to have something that will not be in others.

Mastery, do something with your own hands abroad, love many. In the basements and garages there are workshops, communicate in interest, create societies of needlework lovers. For a small annual subscription, people are found in clubs, societies, are divided by the secrets of their skill, their work. And even work in special common workshops — they are engaged in coworking (unfortunately, we are very far from such an infrastructure).

And by this, our handmade is radically different from foreign handmade. We have a master, as a rule, goes to the fair only after reached a certain skill and the thing produced by them is not just a product of crazy handles, but possesses inner and external beauty.

Therefore, the works of our masters are beneficial from the works of foreign «henmeders» — they are mostly higher at the level.