He found out from a familiar Tajik on the market: «How to choose a sweet melon.»


Each autumn in the cities and weights of Russia flared up the war between two irreconcilable parties. This war has been lasting for several centuries and the end and the edges are not visible.


No, this is not a centenary war, and not even war of scarlet and white rose. This is a war between watermelons and muffles. There are, of course, the miners who are trying to try to taste and the other, but they don’t like traitors anywhere.

Of course, this is a joke, but looking at how the husband swear with his wife, what to take a melon or watermelon today, you think that in every joke there is some joke, everything else is pure truth.

I will say honestly, I’m not a big lover of melon. Well, we did not have mutual love. All Wine Summer Development in the state farm. We were sent to collect onions in the container. An experimental Bakhcha was broken in the next field, where even rows, brightly yellow sides were melons. Brigadier from local strictly warned us:

Fodder, eat no need.

And he himself laughed at the futility of his call.


Soviet children would not be Soviet children if they had not tried to taste the forbidden fetus. And let him be absolutely not sweet, gave her greens, but several hundreds of the kids were averaged experimental landings to such an extent that it was difficult to walk.

By evening, almost all of us understood, we were warned about us … and what they did not say. All, absolutely everyone pulled out where the soul and all other internal organs becomes easier. The problem was that the toilet of the type «house with holes in the floor» was calculated only on three visitors. And a bunch of children was forced to run all night to nearby landings of the poplars, some from there did not come out at all.

So, as soon as I see the collapse of Melon next to him, I remember that sleepless night and the «rustling forest», all covered with snowdrifts from newspaper scraps. In the morning we were evacuated urgently. But, enough about the personal …

In general, despite my dislike for melons, the wife and children sent me to the market precisely:

-In last year we were watermelons, let’s start this season with a melon. You always choose delicious.

Dad always keeps the brand, then he and dad. There has nothing to do to go to the market for familiar Tajik Alifhana:

-Hello, darling. Do you, as always, watermelon?

Great, did not guess. I need a melon.


And at the same time, tell me how to choose the most sweet.

«Listen, dear, you will write again in your jena again, and then go to me with crowds, mnut’s tails, listen to something inside, slam, misantly and even talk. Do not ask.

Hanging Alifhana had half an hour. In the end, he agreed, and, sorrowfully shaking his head, went to the warehouse to show blogger how to choose a melon.

So, mature and unspoiled melon will be on your desk, if:






And now the most important thing is that Alifhana told me in secret:

All these signs speak only one thing that the melon is fresh, not spoiled and absolutely mature


It does not mean that it will be sweet. Sweet melon is a lottery. Even an absolutely mature and ripe melon, which whole flowing with juice and ripe pulp can be completely disadvantaged, give to greens and have a rag taste.

In Tajikistan, very sweet, honey melons are specifically selected on the wedding. Do you know how? Make a small puncture with a syringe to a depth of 1 cm. And roll out of the juice. If sweet, then the melon will be good in all respects. From a puncture that close up with wax, nothing will happen in a couple of days, but all guests will be satisfied.

You understand, if you come to the market with a syringe, the puncture will do not melon.

So it goes.