Household habits of Russian people who are most striking foreigners.


Every people are unique, and the fact that for one people seems completely ordinary and quite ordinary for foreigners is revelation.

Russia is a stunning country, myths and prejudices about which among Europeans and Asians simply not to consider. Aliens they are like children. And you know what three questions most often they ask, hitting Russia or communicating directly with the Russians:

Where are the tanks?

-Do you really go bears on the streets?

-Why are you not in the ruin, vitro and sober?


Family tank gave it to that, the bear is now sleeping, and the jetty I am a bit right when the nuclear reactor in the basement is extinguished.

You would have seen his face!

This is, of course, stub. But the fact remains a fact. After hitting Russia, citizens of all European and America are opening in our country and in our country all that they are not just unusual for them, but it does not fit the slim rows in their cranial box. By the nature of the activity, it was often necessary to communicate with the «foreign contingent», so the top 5 of our household habits, which for everyone else … tear pattern:


Once, when I still worked in the enterprise, Poles for products arrived to us. Imagine the Ural winter, outside the window -30, in the guardhouse of security costs the battery, two oil radiator so that it was warm, and … a window is opened. When the Pole saw such a waste, his slightly lzhedmitry did not call him. He began to stutter:

-How???? Why???


In Europe, the other way is, they prefer premises not to stir. It is only on christmas cards they have all that warm, beautiful, shutting the fireplace, and they sit at the table in shirts. Yeah! In thick sweaters and scarves, climbing under three dressed. In winter, in a residential building, the normal temperature in England is 12-14 degrees. Who else wants there? No, I will better venture!

Drop and walk around the house without shoes.

Before the arrival of an expensive guest, grandmother suprailed all the floors in the apartment, found all the carpets. Private Soviet skewer sparkling and glitter cleaner than parquet in the Louvre. On the day x there was a call, the door opened, and the young guy had fun hai, as he was in a dirty shoe and skew further into the kitchen. Grandmother was offended, but the «bassurman» did not fit immediately.

To pass in Russia for someone else’s home in street shoes can only bentryed by Kamikaze. In the house, especially: the blow of the mother’s frying pan instantly give the imbimator of the purity of the desired vector of motion.

The maximum that you can pull on your feet is slippers, warm socks. Many go barefoot, I am including. Even in our rustic house, despite the «cool», the floors we walk barefoot — the habit.

To call friends to your home.

In the far Zabugie, a little bit wrong. In the enlightened Europe and America home, even if you are three times a friend, you can call something about … Never. The house has a house, a friend is a friend. Want to talk — went to the cafe or walk in a pub, a park, a picnic will go.

For example, in the same Swedes and Finns, if a friend wants to come to visit you, he must call for a couple of weeks, agree, find out your opinion, the opinion of the wife, agree time … Well, I do not know … is it for sure friendship?

Wash several times a day.

And this lady is very capricious and can say a strong voice:

-You, Herr Schmidt, last week already washed. Sit for another couple of days in a crust and dandruff. They go to you.

Of course, this is a joke. But water saving due to its total high cost, for Europeans is an immutable rule. According to a survey of any-there-there, the average Englishman is spawned once a week, and 20% are so wash two or three times a month.

In Germany, for example, the norm, when the average German family gets up in the morning, and in the same water my child washed, then mom, then dad … Some particularly economical then wash off in the toilet of Kakuli. Maybe we are not such an enlightened, but … Moidodyr Starik Chukovsky Nerva does not do.

There is something not to yourself on holidays and friendly gatherings, visiting.

We again have everything differently. Who did not go to friends on the dumplings, so that with vodka, but pieces of 50-70 in one face, so that it was fun, warm, with a seagull? All went! True, then you sit and think … Damn, the cake was clearly superfluous, and even home

Traditionally it is believed that medium European must experience a lung feeling of hunger, leaving the table. That is why they are constantly hungry. If anyone rested in Egypt or Turkey in hotels, where the buffet and the Germans live, he could observe how they eat. It seems that they are trying to compensate for what they failed during life in Europe. These are live food shredders. Europe Europe, but I want to eat. And always.

And remember that we are going on in 10 days of New Year holidays? As if all Russians are only allowed for one night to eat searer under a fur coat or Olivier.

Wafff! Everything! There are 5 more, but still let’s stop, and then the article turned out, as an addition to the «war and the world» Leo Nikolayevich.