How drove dackets across a rural man on their own business

Many for some reason are confident that in the village everyone should plow as the terminators of the T-1000 model, walk in the vitro and the Ushanka, ride a motorcycle, live on the foot of the stern and bathe in the bath …

Utter nonsense! Although rustic plow more than T-1000. Yes, and if the overseas terminator appears in our village — he does not drink, I will figure it out and surrender on scrap metal. But about the bath and one good story, which I learned the other day, we will talk today.

I will not open it to anything that today in the village many live better than in the city while not engaged in agriculture at all. As a rule, these people go to watch. Ottawabanille’s two months, then the month of home is gaining strength. The hero of my today’s article was exactly done: two months in Surgut or the best city of Russia — Tyumen, then at home on the sofa, because there was no longer enough forces.

Everything changed a random knock at the door.


-Who’s there?

Over the gate, the voice rushing about the gate:


Yuri rose and went to open the uninvited guests. On the threshold stood two … no one and a half of a man. Why is one and a half? Because one was completely in Zy Sy. Second half. Assessing an experimental eye, the degree of condition of the newcomer bodies, Yuri said:

-Neeper, moonshine is not!

-And we are not for this. We have our own!

-And then what?

Yes, I have trouble. We arrived in the bath to go to a friend, but he has no brooms. And what a broom without … her bath without a broom … well, you understood. Is there a broom? We buy!

Yuri turned and asked timidly standing with the pitchfork.

-Mash, we still have brooms?

There was a whisper:


Yuri turned to the guests:

There is a pair of pieces. Latest.


The exchange took place. Two brooms moved into the hands of delighted guests, the Dennack of the unknown nominal in the hands of Yuri. When he went into the house and opened the sweaty palm at the light of the light, there was a thousand on it. It is not yet known how this unprecedented generosity was caused, but …

A week later, Yuri knocked:

We have a man. Did you tell us the brooms «Banchi» cool?

-Nuhuu … There are two latter.

The exchange took place. For two brooms, the sober guests paid 500 rubles. And it was far from last sale. Then Yuri went on the watch, and when the angry spouse came to arrive:

-Yu, you know that we no longer have brooms?

-In terms of? I sold all the last brooms!

-And how much?

-Not 20 thousand.

It was a gift of fate. A month later, Yuri went wrong on the watch, but in the forest — behind the brooms. They worked with his wife unsolduring hands. At first they scored birchos, then drove into the mountain Bashkiria for oak. There in Zilair dumbers you can gain a huge amount of branches.

The kids were given a task: passing through the fields and edges and to gain blooming Dijoros: souls, vocabulary, labaznik and other known rustic plants.

Everything was going together and knitted into brooms. The demand for brooms with the taped herbs began to be overwhelmed in the very first year. But one day, right during the mating of the brooms in the middle of the courtyard, in the gate of Yuri, there was a healthy, under two meters tall, Ambal.

-Good day!

Good …. Eeee …

I am about brooms.

-Ufff … there are a few …

It is not necessary somewhat. I have a bath complex in the city. And here, the rumor goes about brooms, which taiga smells, and all that do not make rise. Can you make 700 pieces?


-And a month …


So Yuri has a wholesale buyer in the city. Then a few more. So today, after 4 years, the former Watchman Yuri is stable and quite a strong earnings, the legal IP is issued, 6 people are hired, and the enterprise’s turnover has long passed for 1.5 million rubles per month.

The brooms in the house it does not sell for a long time, but it takes his bathing and birch-oak farm in bath complexes, which in Magnitogorsk simply raises, to wholesale bases, in economic and specialized stores. For 100 rubles for a broom with herbs and 75 rubles without herbs.

Surprisingly, the demand for this product is stable, since each other «bushes for bath» in Russia loves year-round in Russia. True, it is observed that demand rises before the New Year, when people end their brooms and have to buy.

Such things … And then everyone speaks about the Ushanki and the Vaters.

Brooms! That is our strength!

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