Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet How greenhouses in the Urals invented the greenhouses: it does not carry out the wind, it does not press the snow, you can wear from place to place

How greenhouses in the Urals invented the greenhouses: it does not carry out the wind, it does not press the snow, you can wear from place to place

Southern Urals, the region in which our workshop is located is traditionally called the country of forever green tomatoes. And indeed it is! Every year, despite the frequent periods of heat, when even cats are clogged into the basement, and lazily look like the owners trying at least something to pour, we have a battle for the harvest.

Therefore, the word southern, it is so pleasant cheating. Not a fool said that it was better to live in the North Caucasus than in the Southern Urals. The fact is that spring comes early with us, the snow melts simply mobility, sharply green grass, and the most experienced gardeners relax … How suddenly, the snow Maiden appears:

-Do you have not seen my grandfather?


-Well, here then the snow centimeters so 30 for goodbye!

And that’s all! We sit down and cry over the sheared cherry and the deceased seedle. So in the fall, in September, the same frostbitten girl can return and re-give all the gardeners and gardens with a snow blanket:

go, dig a carrot from a snowdrift.

Therefore, a greenhouse, as the first level of protection from snow «Guleans» in the Southern Urals — our everything.

And it does not always help!

In the summer, there is often a hail after which the greenhouses cost all such curly (almost like Alla Pugacheva in the best years) from the broken polycarbonate.

In winter, snow may fall asleep that in the spring of a snowdrift instead of a greenhouse may seem metal-polycarbonate cutlet. And what are our winds! You look, flew purchased greenhouses on the plots.

Last year was remembered by many gardeners as the year of flying greenhouses. In one collective garden, after another storm, 11 greenhouses lay on the corner site. Rather, the fact that they remained.

So the greenhouse must be such a snow, hail, wind, dust, rain, heat, low temperatures and, preferably, shot straight tank from the armat tank.

Nothing from this purchased greenhouse from a tonom of galvanized can not give, but the home-made Ural greenhouse-Torrystroke is quite (except for the latter, but this is not exactly …).

And, you know, in fact, the differences between purchased greenhouses and the Urals-Torrystrokes are not so much:

The most important thing is the basis. It is cooked from the profile pipe 40 * 60 mm, on which the legs of a length of 400 mm are brewed. This base is simply breaking into the ground (if the sand instead of the earth — then you can score a sledgehammer).

On the base, the arcs from the profiled pipe 20 * 400 mm are welded through the meter. Not a sloppy galvanized, which is soldered by the snow load at times, and a normal thick-walled profiled tube.

At the highest point, exactly in the middle of the frame is put in a ribbon ribbon with a breakdown of 100 mm. This is enough to enhance polycarbonate. If the central edge is stretched strictly into the line, then the snow greenhouse doubts 100%.

The dispersion decides.

Coasts are boiled at one level with arcs. They are not attached from the opposite side of the arcs, namely, they are welded between arcs, so they also carry a load from polycarbonate, which puts the snow and wind.

In purchased greenhouses, there are only five crossbars on one six-meter polycarbonate sheet. And this is frankly little. For the normal rigidity of such crossbrees should be 6 or 7. That is, one crossing on the meter or even 0.8 meters.

And last. Cellular polycarbonate must have a thickness of at least 8 mm. I know everything, but few knows that the thickness of the polycarbonate is far from the most important characteristic. You can buy polycarbonate with a thickness of 6 mm. And it will stand much longer than polycarbonate thick 8 and even 10 mm.

Now there have been a lot of polycarbonate manufacturers, which in their characteristics … In short, Kaka-Bolya, and not the material. I was lit up once such a buy — it was a rag from polyethylene. He served exactly 2 years (second photo from above).

There is one indicator that accurately indicates that polycarbonate will serve you faith and the truth is all the time allocated to him. This is a proportion of 1 square meters. m surface. It is not in advertising prospects, but in the passport of the goods, which is located at the seller, it is definitely. And experienced builders always ask him.

So here is a high-quality cellular polycarbonate with a thickness of 8 mm, which will serve as a long time to its owner, the proportion of 1 square meters. M surface is 1560 grams (6 mm. — 1360 gr.).

If weight is less, it is better to look for another, as it will not be necessary hardness and there at least a greenhouse 500-honeys do a leg, will not help.

Thanks to the rigidity of the construction, such a greenhouse can be easily transferred, to transport anything from place to place and nothing will be. There is no such greenhouse, even the strongest wind will not be able to flip and carefully transfer to the neighbors.

And since there is no air suction below, it will stand as a monument to Lenin — forever!

Good luck to everyone, good mood. Preparing for spring? 6 days left

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