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How Korea was able to overtake Japan: a friend gave a Korean toothpaste from LG — she is completely different

Remember 20 years ago, we were all amazed by the technological promotion of Japan? They say they even have heated toilet, music, servo and backlight. People live! Went to the future! And about Japanese cars can not say — always one step ahead, for some Camry 3.5 still icon on which you can pray.

Then the Korean cars appeared. At first, the descent, with the alien to our eye design, as if drunk squirrel drew a car. But over time, their cars have become better and better, they spoke about Korean companies. And now on the same Krett, almost half of Russia rides.

And the other day a friend came to me, who lived for almost two years and worked in Korea. I arrived at the new Kia Mohav. And quite reasonably asked him the question:

Why not Prado?

Yes, it is yesterday!

He, by the way, asked me this interesting toothpaste. Here, sobssno, she:

Nothing supernatural. But if you think about it, we are used to using tubes that or lying, or you need to insert into a glass, a special holder. And they often spit, children can randomly squeeze them all, it is not very convenient to squeeze them. Yes, and pastes are only 85-100 grams.

And here is a completely adequate jar, which stands on the shelf itself, does not fall anywhere, has protection against accidental pressing — just do not press so much, squeezes it to the substituted brush exactly 15 mm toothpaste and no drop more.

A friend said that they have these jars in almost every family — very comfortable, enough for a long time, do not need every two weeks to buy small tubes in the store for the whole family. And there are even automated jars that see the brushing brushed to them, they themselves squeeze the paste. When the paste becomes little, they will send a master to the smartphone: «The owner buy a shift block, your teeth in danger.

And tubes are the last century …

How did it happen that the country, which, until the mid-50s, was an agrarian colony of Japan, then divided into two parts and until the 80s was in a state of civil war, suddenly turned out to be one of the most developed countries in the world in technical terms?

Oddly enough, the answer to this question lies precisely in this tube toothpaste.

In the 80s, Korea stood on the verge of disaster. The government suddenly noticed that on the whole country they have several hundred kindergartens, schools are even smaller, and they can not even talk about universities.

And then the Korean government decided to start with a small one — to provide all children entering kindergartens. Began to give subsidies. Then tightened school education. They began to create universities, inviting foreign specialists.

That is, Koreans began not to build plants, but began with education. And without copying the American experience, with his moron

The main emphasis was made in the languages and engineering component. Schoolchildren are already from the second middle link (the second three-year hundred — they have their own system of classes) teach to invent.

Children get the skills of creative thinking, invent and improve household things, those things that surround people. From school, many gifted children are taking practice in the development departments of large corporations.

Many of their solutions are used to issue new products. You understand yourself, children with their sharp, unsightened mind are well oriented in what is convenient, and what is not that you can and need to be changed.

Remember the proverb: if you knew you, if old age could? So, it never about Korea!

And from these little things, which are not like everyone else is developing the lives of modern Koreans. They elevated the value of engineering education at Absolut. Each child wants to graduate from the university and work in a large company, a corporation is not a lawyer, not a sales manager, or a junior assistant to the senior janitor, but by the developer, engineer, designer.

What is morality? Let’s do without morality.

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