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How many screws can be spinning one bit: what does the manufacturer say, and why I have such a difference

I am often surprised by the passport details of the instrument. We look into the instruction manual (yes, yes, yes, I know that in Russia they are read only when everything broke or immediately from the box does not turn on) and amazed:

-How and it does it?

Yes, does this function really have?

-Kaaak! I did that, exactly, and she does not plow!

The same with the bits for shrupps. If you look at the passport details of these bits, you can read very interesting things. The most popular bits manufacturers in Russia declare the following indicators for their goods:



Whirlpower as much (i.e. 2000)

In any construction store of these bits, the pond of the pride. And 2000 screws for ordinary household purposes abound. Some citizens are not twisted so much in their entire life. That is, for the simplest, domestic purposes, they are almost eternal — bought several sizes and use years. But these are the manufacturers of the «middle» hand — no longer Chinese junk, but not yet «bison» type Makita, Bosh, Devolt. And so no longer Hilti or Festul.

And what about the steep manufacturers? Here the situation is better:

DeWalt can be twisted to 2592 screws

Makita can be twisted up to 2300 screws

Hilti can spin up to 3000 screws

Festool can spin up to 3,500 self-tapping

These bits are usually more expensive one and a half or twice. But some manufacturers are upgrading the price even higher and one bit can cost almost a thousand rubles. It is worth overpaying for a steep name — I do not know, it’s not about it today.

The fact is that today I have prisoneuuuuuuuutyl … more than 1,500 pieces of self-tapping screws. Until now, the hands are buzzing. Guess how much did you need bits for this?





Guess. Three bits.

It was so much a bit in my suitcase with a screwdriver. And by the end of the working day, all three bits were thrown into a bucket. All of them were «jams» so that they could not spin anything. It turns out that each bit accounted for about 500 screws.

Not much!

It’s not even thick. But these were the most simple bits worth 90 rubles per piece! What I want from them!

Last night, understanding what was left without a bit, and you need to twist as many sacrons, I ordered three simple bits and one bit from DeWalt.


In the morning I took the bits from the store and started working.


Guess how many screws I was able to twist this bat until she became like this:

Well approximately!


Tree sticks!

Five hundred fifty pieces!

Only 50 pieces more than all other bits.

I understand if 2000 pieces were twisted or more. Not such a big difference. But in my case it turns out that the difference from the claimed number is fivefold.

Five times!

And this is with all the fact that professional professionals can be spinning not 1500, but an order of magnitude more. Do they change five to ten bits per day? Or some special bits use? Or maybe some special secret of spinning know?

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