How much is the Soviet crystal, and why it is more and more in price


The main principle of selling antiques: the less the thing is the more expensive. It is because of this principle that our Soviet crystal is worth a penny. Rather cost …

But first things first.

Crystal in the USSR was a sign of prosperity. Submit expensive guests to tea jam and candy in crystal dishes were an unbreakable principle of all Soviet housewives. At worst, a glass candle was suitable, but a crystal, naturally, was kosher.

There were many money from the Soviet people, there was a little product, and the Soviet glass industry, as a magic pot from a fairy tale, was «cooked annually» thousands of tons of crystal and glass, so it turned out a casus with a crystal.

It was so much that over time, the buffets, the servants and roads and the very «walls» began to resemble the cemeteries of crystal dishes. For example, in our family, two large cabinets with a crystal remained from the grandfather and grandmother. Wife is almost the same.

And so Makar throughout the country — he was simply going.

After we began to build capitalism with a human face and several other values appeared, Soviet crystal from the symbol of the family wealth turned into three sweaty boxes in the attic. Robust attempts to sell the crystal in antique departments ended with the fact that the antique trader led the unlucky «speculatory» to a huge glass cabinet and showed:

We still take German and Czech crystal, and all your vases are the red price of 50 rubles. Best elk horns bring or grandparents medals.

After such a conversation, some simply began to use it every day, as we, for example. Others attributed a former symbol of wealth on the garbage — too much space occupied.

Fourth … But the fourths understood that crystal is a golden bottom and it can be well earned on it. True, their units, and I will tell about one such person today.

Every weekend on the left bank of my native Magnitogorsk blooms the flea to the flesh, where buyers and sellers, farmers, older lovers, master, bums, actually I am, drowned, Alkashi, antique … In short, people mass.

And every Saturday, a low young man with a large base bag, stuffed with gray packaging paper, is walking along the slender rows of production. He bypasses all collaps with dishes and antiques, looking for, chooses, evaluates and buys. It never bargained, since all the elderly sellers know him perfectly and prescribe a minimum price, for he takes a lot and often.

A few years ago, when he just appeared, and he began to notice every week, he put the entire market in confusion. All wondered:

Why is a young guy, almost a kid, buy so many glass and crystal dishes?

Someone even touched him:

Do you smender the glass in the oven?

He missed:

How did you guess! The mirror for the telescope decided to cook, put on its beautiful nine-story cream, I want to see Martian!

He bought a lot, sometimes managed to make a couple of walker in the rows with the merchants laughing at him — all the good did not fit in his large checkered bag.

Over time, many people already knew him in the face, and a glass product was prepared specifically «under it». And all the backs were also laughed …

Checkered will come everything will take.

How not to remember the proverbs:

Well laughs the one who laughs last …

Call Anton Guy, and he is a professional antiques buyer. Specializes in glass and crystal, but do not happen and other things from the USSR, if you fell in good condition.

I met him on the market, when we almost synchronously clung to the same sulfide glass vase. Rivalry for grew into the conversation.

The entire Soviet crystal, which is worth a penny and in the flea markets of Alkashi sell it for 100-300 rubles, he resells in foreign sites of the lovers of antiquity and, first of all, on IBEY.

Now abroad just boom on vintage vintage things. If we have a Soviet glass for sale 50-500 rubles, a rare vase leaves 700-1000, then in foreign sites it is enough to set photos of grandmother’s vases, in the description indicate the magic words: vintage, crystal, glass, USSR and … everything, Sit and wait for sales.

I can not say that a person earns millions, his guarded Logan on Bentley does not pull at all, but, given that Anton does not work anywhere, deals exclusively by buying things and their resale, the matter is quite profitable.

How much does it sell? On average, it turns out 1 for sale in 2-3 days, sometimes more. Before Christmas and, amazing, in the summer it turns out 1 sale per day. Here are the cards of Anton and his colleagues who are engaged in Soviet glass:

More than a thousand sales for Peru years. Not bad at all.

There is a little less.

Here more. But, in fact, the record holder for sales. True, it is an English shop used glass, but «nothing worthy» of Soviet crystal, there is a lot of surprise:

And it is not a penny at all. The price tag for the smallest vase begins from 90 pounds. And this, today, a little more than 9 thousand of our wooden.

So, if you have a pair of boxes with Soviet transparent heritage in your attack, do not hurry to get rid of it. It is quite possible, you will break ibay, and with time and Sothebyis. True for the second should be a little more time. At least 100 years for the beginning …

But there is another category of Soviet glass, which is already really expensive and grinding in lovers of antiquity. About it in one of the following articles …