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How quickly and easily wash the car from bitumen and midges: the method of physicians, which few people know from motorists

The house in the village is a blue dream of many citizens. So what? To come to the village, stroll through the green meadow, eat a rustic sour cream, blow the three-liter milk with grandmother’s pancakes … Idyll! We also thought so when they bought a house in the deaf Ural village, which from the city of 160 kilometers of the way.

Everything that was in our dreams, we got. Both milk, and sour cream, and a sweet sleep in the fresh air, and even a crock of a rooster at about 5 o’clock in the morning (if I catch a gadyunas, I will send for three letters to the soup). But happiness is never complete, and each coin has a backwater side.

We have not so terrible, but I had to break my head.

The fact is that the road to our village passes along the wonderful mountain river — Agidel (Belaya). You fly by car on the highway, breathing fresh air, such a beauty, as well as I want to scream. And you open your mouth, you pick up the full breast, drinking air and … A couple of mosquitoes flies right in the mouth, and sometimes bee as a gift. Instead, the shouting of happiness is heard:


Although you just looked out of the car for a second!

And what is happening with the machine itself, the hood, the windshield and other appearance is terribly shown. Especially not lucky kung on the roof and mirrors. For one evening trip washed to the brilliance, the car instead of a pearl shade acquires a very rare, almost unique color:


Only he does not like anyone!

In addition, this year in Bashkiria, they were actively repaired for the repair of roads and the track to the village was well rented by molten bitumen. Who oh, how does not like what they go on it, so it strives to jump on the car.

All doors in black dots!

But I am not proud person, Curcher stands at the porch. So wash our swallow is a minute business.


The problem is that some representatives of the insect families have such an internal composition that in their acidity can give odds to others from the eponymous horror. The frontal, they, of course, are not melted, but in the paint is entrusted so that even the active shampoo and the curkers do not take them. They chosen the car wash in the car, the shampoo got a huge jar, and the traces remained.

So after washing with Circher, stand in the favorite car and wash the divorces from insect’s insides that have become appearance.

But the output is found!

I was suggested by our good acquaintance, which by profession is a medic. Every summer she works in children’s camps and rides back to the weekend home, to the city. She has a clean car.

So I stick:


-Marry me!

-IM married!

-Kidding! This is not a mystery, these are all doctors know.

But I do not medicine.

So, the way to wash the car from midges and bitumen, who know the doctors, but do not know the motorists:


Bought at the pharmacy bottle of wonderful means called «Dimeksid». There is a penny, everywhere is full.

Get out of the shoulders two normal functional hands. Believe me, come in handy.

And that’s why!

Dimexide is a very interesting composition. According to its qualities, this is the best glass cleaner and any other surfaces from any pollutants.


Dimexide reacts with water. Therefore, the car should not be water and rags should be completely dry. Otherwise, white divorces will remain, they will have to go to the car wash and ask for a particularly active shampoo.

Dimexide work technology as follows:

Water the first rag with this composition.

Carefully wipe the location of the contamination (the trail from a particularly acid flies or bitumen). You will be surprised how quickly all the traces are peeling. Literally on the man’s hand, Rrzraz and ready! Just had a dirty blossom, but it is no longer.

Immediately wipe dry with a second cloth.

And that’s all!

No pollution, no traces and divorces.

Your swallow shines with almost conveyor species.

By the way, it is precisely this means that the overbugs are actively used, which you need to urgently bring a touch of life to the machine at a primary look. To then tell the gullible buyer of the fairy tale Brothers Grimm:


So it goes. As they say, live a century — learning a century.

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