How to build a deaf fence between neighbors: two legitimate ways, they work even if a neighbor is against


From the point of view of current legislation, the deaf fence is possible only in one case — on the borders of the land from the street.

Between neighbors, that is, between neighboring land plots, a deaf fence is possible only in one case — if the neighbors are so tired every morning to see each other that they decided to do radically. Written consent is written and an irresistible wall is being built between the two owners.

And all, you’re in a tank! You can walk in negligee without constraint, not to see the confused face of a neighbor and timid:


However, there are situations where one neighbor is sharply desire to make an irresistible fortress from its site, and the second against. Motivating the fact that the fence tanned the sun, there will be a wonderful neighbors of spinging potatoes in a very seductive posture, or some other reason.

Well, I don’t want it all!

From the point of view of the law there is no options — only the grid, the deaf wall is impossible. However, lawyers have their considerations on this score. And in everyday practice developed two ways, how to completely legitimate one piece from the other to

Nothing was visible!

But the permeability for light, air would be preserved and the requirements of the law did not violate.

The first way.

What is it deaf then if the grid?

Everything is very simple — metal rods are welded on the fence on the inside, which skipped the cable. Sometimes, the fence is transferred to 10 centimeters deep into its plot and the grid is stretched from both sides of the pillars. It turns out a double fence from the slave. And according to the cables (or internal grid, if it is double), girlish grapes, ivy or lemongrass.

Especially good is the last!

After 3-4 years, the neighbors will not be seen not heard. The lemongrass is so clogs the grid that even winter is visible only from the branches from the branches. In the summer, the fence turns into one live elevation with a thickness of about 30 centimeters.

The whole salt is that even in the case of shading a neighboring area, the neighbor cannot do anything. First, the fence is on your territory. Secondly, lemongrass and maiden grapes are neither trees nor shrubs, respectively, the law does not concern them. Thirdly, the concept of permeability is observed.

The second way.

It is very important!

Since the design has no foundation, it does not attach hard, respectively, it does not apply to the category of buildings. In addition, since there are lumens between the blinds of the blinds, then the requirement for air and light permeability is observed. So, even if the neighbor goes to court, the latter will fall on your side.

There is another third — a completely radical way. But he can only use it, who has a plot of a little less plantation, which considered the work of the slave Izara. That is very big.

Return 1.5 meters from the border and build a capital fence. At the improvised alienation band, you can land raspberries or blackberries. They will even be useful to them. But the case of such a fence radicalism in my practice was just one!