How to buy a metal for the roof by 40% of the market: manufacturers decided to move off openup and turn face to people


The building materials market is a very interesting thing. It happens that you live under the side of the manufacturer, and you can not buy anything. So with us. Our workshop «Glass Fairy Tale» is located in the city of Magnitogorsk, 10 kilometers from the largest metallurgical production of steel, cast iron, rolled and other metal applicants.

In the idea of metal in the steel heart of the Motherland, as else is called Magnitogorsk, it must be broken. At home you can whole from steel! But it was not there.

The thing is how sales are arranged in large industries. The plant or any large plant is interested in large buyers who take hundreds, and preferably thousands of tons. So if a rural Russian will knock on the passage and timidly will say:

It is necessary to block the roof, sell 5 metal sheets.

Well, you already understood about the most popular tourist route where it will be sent.

From the metal plant, thousands of tons take large wholesalers, which attach their small, but quite tangible allowance. Those metal is buying small and medium wholesalers, there are even more appetites and the premium is wondering how much. From wholesalers, metal goes on metal bonds, and already spread from them in small shops and sales points.

Ultimately, when a simple person gets a real opportunity to buy a metal on the roof or fence the rimpheam hut, and there is no financial capabilities. Green toad, sitting on the wallet, does not even squab, she cries.

This year everything fell down on the head. All metal suppressions and wholesalers were reinsured and instead of their small, but tangible interest, threw super-tangible interest.

And the price rose at times.

So when I came to the store for a professional worker for the workshop, I was told:

Professional owl We will bring you to order from the upper pyshma, but wait 10 days.

-And our local metal?

There is, but twice as expensive will come out.

You understand what option I chose. Now there is a metal from Yekaterinburg in our workshop. And such buyers, like me, in Magnitogorsk turned out to be the majority. When it is 62 thousand or 112 thousand for the same roof, anyone will choose 62. And this provision was not only with a straightener, but also with all the metal as a whole.

In the magnitics, the native metal cost more than imported. And all wine overbugs. About it i’m already

This provision did not suit the plant and it opened several points of sales in the city, where they sell the corner, profile pipe, reinforcement, black sheet. In the first month, when many have not yet known about such a gift from MMK, there were practically no people.

But when they were typing — everything was born for a week! I had to bring a new batch urgently.

So the experiment was recognized as successful and next year the branded network of outlets directly from the producer is planning to expand not only in the city, but also in the region, and even neighboring regions.

But, most importantly, besides the corner decided to trade a straighteard on fences and roofs. Yesterday I drove into one of these points behind the profile pipe, and my eyes did not believe: the warehouse is completely clogged with a new straightener of 8 or 10 colors.

I was counted the cost of the metal on the roof already overlapped by the workshop and the green toad wept repeatedly: if I waited for these unfortunate two weeks, then instead of 62 + 6 thousand delivery, the roof would have cost me 44 thousand. 22 thousand — oh as sensitive for family budget.

In addition to the metal, disks for Bulgarians, electrodes, eurocubes and even cement from a local cement plant, which also belongs to the plant also belongs to the metal.

So … I am glad and cry, crying and glad. It’s great when it is possible to buy cheaper than outbid, but this time the collector was not in our street.