How to connect a dream and ordinary life: there is one working way, but not many are capable of it


Each person has a dream: an average, global or evident dream. In general, the size is not important, the main thing is as far as possible to realize the dream in your real life. For most of us, such an embodiment is an incredible luck, so it suffers the average vasya on the way to the office, clinging to the forehead to the glass of the metro car, and dreaming about your own yacht. Or Ksyusha, dreaming to become supermodel.

Meanwhile, there is a completely working way to achieve a dream and it clearly demonstrated the hero of today’s story. Meet this young man name John Goldberg: Consultant on computer technologies from Philadelphia (USA).

John was an ordinary average «botan» from the most ordinary American school. It was best that he had to communicate with computers and parents aimed their dietatko on a career in the field of soulless computing jackets (yes forgive me Yandex programmers). Yes, and John himself, such a prospect quite satisfied.

Everything has changed in 1999, when he accidentally visited the museum, where the exhibition of glass art was held and beautiful handmade vases were shown. «Botany» so conquered the game of light and the colors that he just fell in love with glass art, and decided to become a glass master.

Having come home, he spoke about his desire to parents. If you think that those fell and gave consent to the translation of the child to the school of arts, then … You understand what was. A suggestion from the dad, washing the brains from mom and slap under one point in the right direction.


However, John did not tell his dream goodbye. After graduating from school, he again asked his parents to help him enter the school of arts, but

After graduating from college, he asked again on the glass fiber.

Again there was no answer.

He entered the institute on a programmer and successfully graduated from success. A talented computer with hands and legs tried to take large firms to themselves. But he went to learn to the apprentice in the glass workshop.

And then there was a problem in front of him: art, this, of course, is good, but I always want to eat. So the young talent had to quit a glass of glass and get a job as a computer. However, having received the work and means of existence, he went to the workshop every night and took lessons there.

A year later, he moved closer to the largest school of US glass fibers in Seattle. And again got a job as a computer, and in the evenings I studied on the glass water.

So it lasted 12 years. All Masters in Seattle are so accustomed that a computer comes to learn to learn to learn that they stopped paying attention to him. And he take and win in the most prestigious exhibition, then in one, and more …

So completely unnoticed a new star in a glassmatic business. John makes stunning vases and stands, which, if you look at the lumen, seem enchanted by the web of glass filaments. It is constantly experimenting, looking for new forms, colors and materials.

But all this he does in the evenings, and the day everything is also working as a computer technology consultant, and in this area he achieved such heights, which is considered a very high flight specialist. His appreciate and pay an ultra-high salary.

Recently, during an interview with journalists about the opening of their regular exhibition, he asked:

-How do you manage to combine work with computers and glassware?

I was a dream. But parents did not allow me to embody her. At first I was upset, but then I thought that, maybe they are not so wrong. Therefore, I decided to sew to my dream gradually. I started trying her taste and realized that work with computers and glass for me was the same, and I combined them.

And surprisingly everyone, John Goldberg was able to combine two dreams: His parents. The dream of the parents that their son will become a computer and will well earn embodied. John really gets very good.

On this money, he opened his glass-flowing studio, in which in the evenings and weekends not only works himself, but also teaches others. All critics note the impact of programming on John’s work, and programmers, they say that its code is crystalined. In such an interesting way, the dream of a simple boy, who saw the exhibition of unusual Vaz and loved computers.

So if you have a dream, do not attempt to immediately rush into it and abandon your former life, it is possible that you will be able to combine them. Yes, it is difficult, you will have to spend twice as much effort, but …